LITERACY Film Narrative Dramatic Conventions Can we use drama

Film Narrative
Dramatic Conventions
Can we use drama to think
about character’s feelings?
Can we explain what a speech
and actions show about a
persons character?
Can we deduce information
from clues?
Can we write in role?
Can we identify the use of
Can we analyse broadcast
Can we identify structure and
language features?
MATHS (Mr Higgs)
Can we use movie making
packages to produce and edit a
short movie?
Can we evaluate a movie and
express ways of improving it?
Can we explain the process of evaporation?
Can we explain ‘disappearance’ of water in a
range of situations?
Can we explain that liquids other than water
Can we explain the process of condensation?
Can we say the alphabet and
begin to spell common words?
Can we locate where French is
spoken around the world?
Can we research and present
information about famous
French people or places, past or
Spring 1 2014
Can we multiply and divide
any number from 1 to 10000
by 10 or 100 and understand
the effect?
Can we explain the values
of Roman Numerals?
Can we find angles in
Can we select the correct
sequence to carry out
calculations needing more
than one step?
Can we use Venn and
Carroll diagrams to sort
objects and numbers?
Can we tell the time using
digital and analogue clocks
using the 24-hour clock?
Can we read timetables
using the 24-hour clock?
Can we calculate time
Can we round and order
decimal numbers?
Can we name the countries where chocolate comes
Can we explain how cocoa is grown?
Can we explain how beans are turned into bars?
Can we sequence these instructions?
Can we explain where chocolate originated from?
Can we explain what Fair Trade is?
Can we explain how Fair-trade impacts people
who live and work in countries that produce
cocoa beans?
Can we explore ideas and collect
materials and information to support
our work?
Can we investigate colour, shape and
texture in materials and processes and
use these to communicate ideas?
Can we explain why some occasions are sacred
to believers?
Can we explain why and how Hindus celebrate,
or otherwise mark, important times in the year
and life?
Can we explain the similarities and differences
between various religions?