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Week of 10/19-10/23
Busy Bird’s Weekly Business
A Bird’s Eye View of the Week!
Language Arts:
Reading Strategy: Determine Importance
Word Study: Short I with –ip family
Words of the week: of, do, him, big, did
W.O.W Word: Ambition
We read the story Luisa’s Lab. We found information from the story and had to
choose if the information was important. This strategy can aid us in
comprehending a story. When reading at home, have your child find important
information that help them understand characters, setting, and plot.
Math: We have started learning strategies to help us subtract to 10. This week we
focused on using cubes and counting back to find the correct answer. We will
continue with subtraction next week.
Writing: Room 19 has finished and published their small moments writing. They did
a fabulous job adding details to tell their story. The class had a blast reading their
descriptive writing about their pumpkins. The rest of the class had to guess which
pumpkin was theirs, based on the description. We learned the importance of
adding details!
Social Studies: Room 19 discussed a compass rose and a map key. These skills
help us locate landmarks on a map. We practiced this in the classroom.
Science: This week we reviewed all of the planets. During Pumpkin Day, we made
predictions about the weight, width, and the number of seeds that are in the
pumpkin. We had two children guess the correct width in our classroom!
Other: First Grade had Pumpkin Day. They rotated to three different classes and
completed various activities about pumpkins. First grade learned about the life
cycle of a pumpkin and discussed the weight and width of a pumpkin. Ask your
child if a pumpkin floats or sinks!
On Wednesday, First Grade watched a video about Mix-Up Day. This is a
wonderful opportunity for students to sit with fellow students they may otherwise
not choose to sit with at lunch and engage in a conversation to get to know one
another. On Tuesday, during lunch, students will be participating in Mix-Up Day!
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Upcoming Events
October 27
Mix Up Day
October 30
Halloween Party
November 3
No School
Next Week Specials:
Monday: Day 2: Music
Tuesday: Day 3: Library
Wednesday: Day 4: Gym
Thursday: Day 5: Music
Friday: Day 6: Gym
Bird of the Week:
Colin White
Happy Birthday:
Robert Cannon 10/18
Please read over the
handout regarding the
Halloween parade and
party. If you have any
questions, please ask!