The Monkey's Paw

English 10: Week Three
• Revising and Publishing our Reflective Essay
English 10 DO NOW 8-18-14
• Take a half sheet handout with a sample body
section of a reflective essay on it.
• Underline the “Topic Sentence” (should be first sent.
w/ smart goal) in each paragraph
• Circle the transition sentence, phrase, or word(s)
• ELITE: On the back, do you see an order or
pattern to the transition words that start each
Success Today Means 8-18-14
• Students annotate sample body paragraphs
showing they understand and can identify the
parts of body paragraphs.
• Students use remaining time revising and typing
their body paragraphs.
English 10 DO NOW 8-19-14
• Take the Induction Paragraphs Samples quarter
• Answer these questions on the back for ONLY
• 1. Is there a quote/is it formatted correctly?
• 2.Is there a thesis statement (both main goal and
smart goals)?
• 3. Are the goals SMART?
• 4. What is good/bad about the sample?
Dippy Zone 8-19
• Set a smart goal for today:
• 1. Finish your essay for English 10
• 2. Finish your noredink assignment via edmodo
Success Today Means 8-19-14
• Students critique introductions using their
understanding of the elements of intros to
assess and then recommend corrections.
• Students will use their workshop skills to
fix/revise/type their introductions.
English 10 DO NOW 8-20-14
• Look at the 6 conclusion student examples and respond:
• 1. Which, if any, mention all the main points and the big goal?
(aka the thesis statement= thesis + main points)
• 2. Which, if any, seem to circle back to the quote they used in
the introduction?
• 3. Which, if any, seem “underdeveloped”? (Need to write more
• 4. What grammar mistakes do you notice?
• 5. Which example do you think is the best conclusion? Why?
Success Today Means 8-2
• Students will evaluate sample conclusion
paragraphs based on their knowledge of
conclusion paragraph elements.
• Students will apply their understanding to
fix/revise/type their conclusions.
English 10 DO NOW 8-21
• What does “MLA” stand for? (guess if necessary)
• What does “formatting” your paper mean?
• Do you know how a paper should be formatted
using MLA? If so, what are some of the
• Edmodo has a library. I have a folder for you in
there “Reflective Essay.” It has step by step
directions to format Word. It has all the
handouts from class this week. It has an MLA
template file if you want to use that. It has the
RUBRIC and the MLA RUBRIC if you want to
check your work.
Success Today Means 8-21-14
• Students will apply their understanding of MLA
format (and the MLA checklist) to critique several
• Students will apply their clarified understanding
of MLA to properly format their own papers.
• Success means a MLA formatted essay.
English 10 DO NOW 8-22-14
• Gather your Week 3 Do Nows, write your name
and PERIOD on each page. Each Do Now
should be labeled “Do Now” and be dated.
• Get up only once to staple if necessary, go to the
dentist, and turn in Do Nows to US MAIL BOX
Success Today Means 8-22
• Students publish their reflective essay to
• Edmodo Wall posts or personal messages to me
are not successs.
• Essay must be “Turned In” to the “Assignment”
on edmodo. I will show you this ONCE today.