Ch. 2 Quiz Study Guide

Fashion Merchandising
Chapter 2 Quiz Study Guide
Write and Review the following Key Terms and concepts:
Use book and/or Notes packet
1. Marketing –
2. Target Market –
3. Psychographic4. Demographic5. Geographic6. List several factors that affect Fashion Merchandising (page 30)
7. List and briefly describe the 4 components of the Marketing Mix: (p. 31)
8. Describe “promotion” (page 31)
9. List some examples of Sales Promotions: (page 32)
10. Describe the distribution function of marketing: (page 35)
11. What is the Channel of Distribution?:
12. Fill in Diagram a. and b. Attached:
a. Marketing Segmentation: (page 27)
b. Marketing Strategies: (page 33)
13. Using the chart above, list the 7 functions of marketing.
Be sure you understand the functions.
14. Look through Quiz Review Game on my website.