Chabot College April, 1993\ 64 - Visual Merchandising

Chabot College
April, 1993\
Course Outline for Interior Design 64
Catalog Description:
64 - Visual Merchandising
3 units
Introduction to modern display techniques, equipment, and materials. Basics of design and
decoration for windows and interior displays in department and specialty stores. Analysis of current
display methods as they apply to creating a store's image. 2 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory.
Expected Outcomes for Students:
Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to:
develop a six-month promotion plan;
understand the elements of display;
understand the principles of design and arrangement;
create an effective window display;
understand the use and safety requirements of the tools of the trade;
understand that seasonal turnover (visually displayed) is related to selling of merchandise;
understand techniques for security in ensure loss prevention;
design and make props.
Course Content:
1. Development of a fashion message for apparel and home furnishings
a. store image
b. four-season planning and buying
c. promotional opportunities; motivation for selling
d. risk factor in merchandise being ordered
e. sources of inspiration
1) art
2) nature
3) current events
f. communication of desired store image
2. Coordination of elements of visual merchandising
a. advertising of fashion and home furnishings
b. display--interior and windows in bath fashion and home furnishings
c. fashion coordination in displays
d. construction of pads, wall, window, point of purchase, table top, flying displays
3. Elements of display
a. merchandise selection
b. selling message
c. display area
d. props
e. lighting
f. signage
g. security and loss prevention
4. Design and arrangement
a. balance
b. emphasis
c. harmony
d. proportion
e. rhythm
f. color
Chabot College
Course Outline for Interior Design 64, Page 2
April 1993
Methods of Presentation:
Lecture; demonstrations; field trips; practical application of the techniques of visual display
Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:
Assignments; performance of display design and execution; interim tests; final examination
Textbook(s) (Typical):
A Practical Guide to Visual Merchandising, Cahan and Robinson Wiley
Theory and Use of Color, DeGrandis, Harry Abrams
Special Student Materials:
mk INTDES64.out