The New Challenge in Social Work Change Management and

The New Challenge in Social Work
Change Management and Leadership
Charles R. Howard, Ph.D., MSW, CSWM
President & CEO
CR Howard and Associates
Washington, D.C.
Workshop Objectives
• Present some examples of change
management models
• Apply some methods for understanding
change in organizations
• Draw parallels of Change Management and
Leadership in Social Work
• Discuss what Social Workers can do to effect
What is Change Management
• The one thing constant in life is change, it’s
here to stay and you can’t run away from it or
make it go away.
• Doing more with less
• Changing work environment
• Addressing factors that will create resistance to change
Types of Change to manage:
Agency mission or vision changing
Changing client/customer needs, requirements and expectations
Workplace needs based on generational differences
Your Boss/Supervisor was replaced
You’ve been promoted and must learn a whole new job
What is Change Management(cont.)
• Will discuss four types of Change Models
Lewin’s Change Mgt. model
Mckinsey 7-S Change model
Kotter’s 8 step Change model
Dale Carnegie Change mgt. model
Change Management VS Change Leadership
• Technological Innovations for the Human
Service Professional
• The meaning of time for Human Service
It takes hard work to make change happen
• Change won’t happen if not supported by upper management
• Change is about people, do people support the change
• Change is a process, not a program
S. W. Future Challenges
Multi-generational & cultural workforce
Economic disparities/Shrinking resources
Technology /Technological advances
Immediacy/Can Social Work keep up in a fastpaced world of change?
• Leadership skills/Coping with change in the
Biggest Challenges facing S. W.
• Attracting and keeping good people
Provide a career path and growth plan for your employees
Average young person today (Gen. Y or Mill.)Stay with employer 3 yrs.
Young people no longer staying in job for life (what is a career path for them)
• Equalizing technological knowledge among
the team
Develop training programs to increase Tech. knowledge and use
Leveraging the tech. intelligence within the agency
Training your good people to be great leaders and exceed their own abilities
Biggest S. W. Challenge (cont.)
• Leaders aligning their teams to focus on
innovation ands growth
• Peer mentoring and coaching established
• Connecting an established employee experienced in the organization for
some time paired with a young up and coming employee sharing
strategies, etc.; which allows for innovation and growth between both
employees and the organization
What Must Social Workers Do:
How fast are you changing?
Increasing need to adapt your skills
Changing your Tech. face at work
Building on your network
Keeping up with the pace of change; align
yourself with the natural change around you
What Must Social Workers Do
• As social work considers it’s
approach to future Leadership,
We must as a profession
recognize a paradigm shift in
going forward at a faster pace
with shifting expectations.
The New Challenge in Social Work:
Change Management and Leadership
Thank You!
Charles R. Howard, Ph.D., MSW, CSWM
CR Howard and Associates
Washington, D.C. 20008