Art-based Research Method

Finding Library Resources for Artbased Research Method Students
HKIEd Library
Feb 2012
 Searching the Library Collection
 Selected Electronic Database: Art Full Text on
 What is RefWorks
 More Electronic Databases
 Q&A
Searching the Library Catalogue
Subject search = art research
(finds the most precise items but only a few)
Keyword search will retrieve more
e.g. art based research
But often keyword searches will retrieve
some irrelevant records
So sometimes we can use Advanced Keyword Search e.g.
limit the keyword search to subject terms for
(art or arts) and research
Hints: for keyword searches, use * for truncation
e.g. a/r/tograph* to search a/r/tography as well as
a/r/tographic, a/r/tographer, a/r/tographers, etc.
You may also start with keyword search and then follow the
subjects in the record. E.g. keyword search for art therapy
and student*
Click the link for the
Relevant Subject (e.g. Art
therapy for teenagers)
If you simply search subject for art, you can
also see all related subjects
For a brief overview of the Library N Class call numbers
Hints: finding a journal article when you
are given the details
 E.g. Eisner, E. (2006). Does arts-based research have a
future? Studies in Art Education, 48(1), 9-18.
Search the Library
Catalogue by the
Name of the Journal
for print or
electronic journal
Follow the links
(NOTE: different
links may contain
access to
different years)
Hints: HKALL to borrow from another local
university Library
You may Request this
title if there is at least
one “Available” item
Search for Journal Articles using Online Databases
Art Full Text
Click the E-Resources Tab
and then choose "Visual
Arts" from "Browse EResources by Subject"
Enter your Search Terms …
Online Full Text are
Available for Most
Check EdLINK if no
full text is provided
to check if full text
may be available
Expand your search to include synonyms (words
with similar meaning) using "or"
For example, search for art
based research or visual
research doubled the result
Use and to add additional
criteria (search terms). For
example, search for (art
based research or visual
research) and education
We can also Narrow Down by limiting results to Scholarly Journals
/ year; or choose specific Subjects, etc.
Use Subject "Facet" , year,
limiting to Scholarly
Journals, etc to Focus /
Narrow Down the Results
If you find an article that is useful, you may click EdLINK
to use the bX Article Recommendation Service
bX Article Recommendation
Service: Users interested in
this article also expressed an
interest in the following …
You can also Repeat
your Search in More
Databases on the
EbscoHost platform
Use the temp folder and save, print, email, export functions
Use the temp folder and save, print, email, export
Example: Use the Email option to send yourself the results and
even full text
You may want to sign up
for a MyEBSCOhost
account which allows you
to save your searches,
saved articles, create
citation alerts and more
Click “Sign in” to sign in or
to Create a new
MyEbscohost Account so
you can save your searches,
folders, articles and search
Export Function allows you to Transfer the Search
Results to other Format / Software including RefWorks
 Web-based Bibliographic Management Tool
 Create your own reference databases
 Import references from library catalogues & databases
 Manage & organize your references in folders
 Search your references
 Adding your own keywords & comments
 Create in-text citations & reference list in preferred style
 Accessible by computers connected to Internet
Check out the
RefWorks web
page for details or
join a Library
More Resources
 HKIEd Library Subject Guide for Visual Arts
 世界美術資料庫
 故宮線上 Digital Archive of China Treasures
 Theses and Dissertations
 Online Reference Collections
Coming Soon …
A Google-like Search Interface combining
Library Catalogue Records, Academic Journal
Articles, E-Books and More
For Further Assistance
Ask your Librarian @
 Information Counter
 Tel: 2948 6653
 Email: [email protected]