Slave society and Culture

Emma and Maddie
 Whiskey Rebellion (1794)-
 Bill of Rights (Ratified in
 1st Bank of US chartered
Western Pennsylvania farmers
1791)- Collective name for
(1791)- Bank chartered by
fight Hamilton’s tax on alcohol
the first 10 amendments in
Hamilton, owned by private
(pg. 208)
the US constitution that
stockholders and national
safeguard fundamental
gov. (pg.207)
 Alien, Sedition and
naturalization acts (1798)Three individual laws enacted
personal rights (pg. 204)
 States grant charters and
 Madison and Jefferson
special privileges (1790s)
by federalists that limited
found republican party
federal rights and threatened
(1793) (pg. 210)
fledgling party system (pg.211)
 Slave society and Culture
(Ch. 8)
 Expansion of Slavery (Ch.7)
 Republican Motherhood-
 Election of 1800- Thomas
Jefferson is elected
 John Marshall and
and focus on their children.
chief justice John Marshall
Mother’s should instill ideas of
revivals that made America a
genuinely Christian society
(pg. 259)
 Cotton output and
(Ch. 7-8)
First supreme court run by
decade long series of religious
(Ch. 7-8)
revolution” (pg. 211)
dismissed from public rules
2nd Great Awakening- A
 Outwork system (1790)
demand increase (1800)
Marshall Court (1800)-
children’s lives (pg. 24)
(Ch. 7-8)
president. “Velvet
Idea that women should be
republicanism into their
 John Adams- 3rd president
of U.S (pg. 117)