October 2013
Dear McDonald Families,
Happy Fall! The school year is moving quickly, and our Ducks have been busy and productive. We have been focusing
on implementing the new Idaho Core Standards in our classrooms, and the children are responding very positively! In
addition to the daily instruction, we have also incorporated extracurricular excitement--here are some of the highlights!
Kindergarteners have (or will soon) visited the Apple Orchard and the WSU bears!
The Fire Department came to visit our school and kindergarteners were able to meet Payton the Dalmation and
check out the bright red fire truck!
First graders are about to receive Lucky Reading Puppies (they are stuffed—not real!), and there will be MUCH
excitement, especially as they name them!
Second graders visited the fire station and learned all about the importance of our fire department.
Third graders will be attending the Festival Dance presentation of Ballet Folklorio at the Beasley Coliseum.
Fourth graders attended the Festival Dance presentation of Brasil Music and Dance at Beasley.
Fifth graders attended a Chamber Music program at the University of Idaho.
Garden Update: Our McDonald Garden has
been harvested, and second graders did an
excellent job. Children ate delicious
potatoes, tomatoes, and more from our
garden for lunch!
Cub Scout Award for Pack 325!
We are so proud of our cub scouts! The Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities recently announced that Inland
Northwest Cub Scouts Pack 325 of Moscow won the 2013 Community Inclusion Award! This award recognizes a group
that demonstrates excellence in including people with developmental and other disabilities. Denise Wetzel, Chairperson
of the Council stated, “It means not focusing on the person’s disability or limitations, but what they can and would like
to do and then figuring out how to make that happen. If it is done right, like with this Scout Pack, it is pretty transparent
and natural.”
Conferences and Flash Cards!
Please remember to sign up for a conference. Conference days are October 31 and November 1. Your children are
working hard, and conferencing always builds our home/school partnership. We had plans to give each family with a
child in K-4 a brand new set of flash cards, but we ordered so many, that the company did not have enough in stock, and
they will not be delivered in time for conferences. We will send them home as soon as they come. I know I provided the
following information in the last letter home, but I want to share it once more. We need your help!
Kindergarten: By the end of kindergarten, children should know their addition and subtraction facts through
five. For example, 2+3=5; 5-4=1; 0+5=5; 4-1=3; etc.
Grade 1: By the end of first grade, children should know their addition and subtraction facts through ten. For
example, 7+3=10; 9-4=5; 0+8=8; 10-2=8; etc.
Grade 2: By the end of second grade, children should know their addition and subtraction facts through
twenty. For example, 17+3=20; 19-4=15; 0+18=18; 10+9=19; etc.
Grade 3: By the end of third grade, children should know their multiplication facts through 100. For example,
7X3=21; 9X9=81; 7X8=56; etc. Once they have mastered these, it would be great to have them practice division
using the same numbers. For example, 9 into 72 = 8; 8 into 72=9.
Grades 4 and 5: If your child does not know all of the above by fourth or fifth, please practice with them on the
above skills. Grades 4 and 5 increase in the awareness of decimals, fractions, and multi-digit arithmetic.
Having the math facts in place is very important, so please help us by practicing with your child 5 minutes a night or as
often as you can—THANK YOU!!!
October 25-the famous Monster Mash—special performance at Eastside Marketplace at 12:15!
November 15 – Music Programs: Grades 3 and 4 with a focus on celebrating America and Americans!
November 22-Turkey Trot
December 7- Craft Fair
December 13-Winter Concert K-2
February 5-Polar Walk
March 13 -Bingo and Pizza Feed Night
March 31, April 1-2 – Science Fair
April 3-Portfolio Sharing Afternoon/Evening
May 7- Fill the Racks
May 16 -Book Fair
June 4-End of Year Primary and Intermediate Assemblies and Award Presentations
June 4-Fifth Grade Graduation
Thank you for sending us your beautiful children—our ducks are awesome and so are their parents!!!
Cindy Bechinski, Ph.D.