Set Design Powerpoint

Proscenium Arch
• Audience sits in front of the stage
Thrust stage
Audience on three sides
Arena stage / In the round
Audience all around the stage
Traverse stage
Audience on two sides
• A sketch of what the set will look like from the audience’s
point of view.
• Photo of set
• Preliminary pencil sketch rendering
Rendering of Cut-out Set
Photo of set
Computer Rendering of H.M.S Pinafore
a musical by Gilbert & Sullivan
Stage Diagram / Floor Plan /
Ground Plan
• A scale drawing of the overhead view of a set showing
the exact location of all entrances, walls and furniture
Computer Collage Rendering
Photo of set
Set Design Models
• 3 dimensional scale depiction of the set
• Eye level view drawing arranged in a row for use in
construction of set
Permanent Set
• Remains the same throughout the play
regardless of scene changes
Standard Box Set
• Two or three wall set, often with a ceiling
Unit Set
Several scenic units that can be moved and
turned on the stage to create several settings
Unit Set
• Frames and openings that can be left empty or filled with
draperies, backings or doors
Cut Out Set / Profile Set
• Uses 2 dimensional pieces of scenery, like rocks or
Curtain Set
• Uses curtains as a backdrop
• Curtain use: flashback or aside
Screen Set
• Use bi-fold or three-fold flats, can be any height or
width, usually freestanding
Periaktoi / Prism set
Triangular pieces of scenery that can be rotated to show different scenes
Periaktoi / Prism set