Data Types

Short Text – Short text types of data are text data that would only really go up to 50 letters, so for example a surname because no one would really have a surname over 50 letters.

Long Text – Long text types of data are text data that would go over 50 letters and be used for longer pieces of texts, so for example an address because addresses can easily go over 50 letters if it was long

Number – Number data that would be an actual value, so for example 2000 people, number data cannot start with a 0.

Date/Time – Date/Time data would include information about events like when someone was born (DOB) or their date of death (DOD)

Currency – currency data would be used in banking and it is data varied by types of money or digital money

AutoNumber – Auto numbers are types of data that will automatically increase by 1 as more records are added. An example of this is

Yes/No – Yes/No data is a type of data which simply is answered by a yes or no, and is presented as either a tick or a blank. This could be used for data like ‘do they have a beard?’

OLE Object – This is a method of linking and embedding objects in data, so allows links to other documents and files. An example of this is a name, and a link to their database which gives deeper information i.e. ‘ John Smith ’

Database Types:

Flat File – In a flat file database, all the data in stored in one large table instead of many smaller tables, this is a relatively simple table.

Relational – In a rational database, information is stored in multiple databases, and this type is more complex than a simple flat file database.

Online – An Online Database is a