Suggested QR Process - MA Tax-Aide

1) Taxpayer (and Spouse) identity verified (Photo ID)
Done at door by CF
2) Counselor and QR certified at appropriate level
Done once at season start by LC
3) All “Unsure” boxes on Intake Form discussed and remarked “Yes” or “No”
4) Information on Pages 1-2 of Intake Form are correct and entered correctly on return
5) Names, SSNs, ITINs, EINs verified and correct
6) Filing Status verified and correct
7) Personal and Dependency Exemptions are correct (by software)
8) All income correctly entered
9) All Adjustments are correct
10) Deductions are correct
11) Credits are correct
12) Withholding and Estimated Tax Payments are correct
13) Direct Deposit accounts are correct
14) SIDN correct
Check template at initial session
15) Taxpayers informed they are responsible for the return
1) W-2: Confirm Box 1 = Box 16
2) W2-G: If Mass Lottery, check Box 1 on W2-G template
3) 1099-R: Check Box 1 on W2-G for Mass Municipal / Fed Gov’t pensions
4) Carry over any Mass Municipal retirement contributions from W-2 Box 12/14 to Form 1, Ln 11
5) Rent entered on Ln 14, if appropriate
6) Mass bank interest designated with ‘M’ on Interest Worksheet
7) All Federal Sch C forms present
8) Tax-exempt other state pensions entered on Sch Y, Ln 13
9) Carry-over Losses entered: Short-term loss on Sch B, Ln 18; Long-term loss on Sch D, Ln 8
10) Student loan interest claimed on Sch Y, Ln 10 or 12 (not both)
11) Undergraduate tuition credit claimed on Sch Y, Ln 11
12) Senior Circuit Breaker eligibility confirmed and correctly entered
1) Counselor prepares return
Return Stage = Ready for Review
2) On-screen review by second person
 Peer or designated Reviewer
 With Counselor, in presence of Taxpayer
 Correct as necessary
Return Stage = Ready for e-Filing
3) E-File made
Return Stage = Ready for Submission
4) Return printed and reviewed with Taxpayer
 Correct as necessary
 Will need to repeat process from Step 2
 Remind taxpayer they are responsible for information in the return
5) Taxpayer signs 8879
 Key words are: “True, Correct, Complete”
 AARP TaxAide has permission to e-File
6) If satisfactory, e-File submitted
 May submit all e-Files at end of session
In which case, omit Step 7
7) Print Submission Report and give to TP
8) Return all documents to Taxpayer
 Use 2013 envelop
 Point out survey
Return Stage = Ready for Submission
Return Stage = Submitted