Lesson 4.1 - Water: Essential for Life
Clean water is a necessary requirement for life. Approximately _________ of the Earth’s surface is
covered with water. Of that 70%, __________ is salt water found in the oceans which is not for
drinking, ______________ is frozen in the icecaps meaning less than _________ of the water on
Earth is actually drinkable fresh water. In Canada, we are fortunate because we have access to fresh
water while many places in the world do not.
1. Describe the water cycle
2. Define ground water.
3. What is an aquifer?
4. What is surface water?
Physical Properties of Water
5. Why is water called the “universal solvent”?
6. How does the density of salt water differ from the density of pure water?
7. Why does ice float on water?
8. What is heat capacity?
9. Does water have a high or low heat capacity? How does this affect temperatures in
Southwestern Ontario?
Chemical Behaviour of Water
10. Draw the Lewis structure of water (p. 272)
11. Is water polar or non-polar? Why?
12. Briefly summarize how ionic compounds are dissolved in water (p. 273).