Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Think Tac Toe

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Think Tac Toe
You will select and complete three different activities that create a straight row. The row can be
across, diagonal, or down. Remember to make your work thoughtful, original, rich with details, and
accurate. Grading will be done according the scoring rubric that is included on this sheet.
Choose five unfamiliar words
from your list in your Reader’s
Notebook. Write the
definitions and draw a picture
to help explain each word.
Write at least a page about
what you think Anne’s life would
have been like twenty years
later if she had lived. Include
important details like her
family life, career, and
Research mandalas. Create a
mandala about Anne’s life and
beliefs with an explanation of
each item and color.
Write a bio-poem about Anne
Frank and one about yourself.
Be sure to include the most
important traits about Anne
and you in each poem.
Put ten important events in the
novel to music. Find or write a
song for each of the ten
events. Explain your reasoning
behind each song. You can send
the link of your creation to the
Pretend you are a librarian.
Create an advertisement about
Anne Frank: The Diary of a
Young Girl to get students
interested in reading the book.
Create and build a model of the
Annex based on the novel.
Create a collage of the
important things in Anne’s life
and explain each one.
You are a profiler for NCI.
Write and illustrate a full and
useful profile of Anne Frank
with emphasis on the
personality traits and mode of
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Think Tac Toe Scoring Rubric
Completed three
activities to make a
straight line
Completed three
activities to make a
straight line
Put a great deal of effort
into the projects and
created quality products
Obviously used the
novel to complete
the projects
Used time wisely
and turned in on
Completed projects
with minimal
assistance from
teachers and
Points Earned
Completed three
activities, but they
weren’t in a straight
Put effort into the
projects and created
average products
Completed two
Put minimal effort into
the projects and
produced products that
exhibit that effort
Obviously used the novel
Tried to use the
Attempted to use the
to create the projects
novel, but may have novel, but mostly relied
missed getting one or
on memory which
two facts correct
wasn’t correct
Used time wisely in class
Used time in class
Didn’t use time wisely
and turned in projects on
and turned in
and turned in projects
projects two days
four days late
Completed projects with
Completed projects
Completed projects
minimal assistance from with some assistance
with at least half the
teachers or parents
from teachers or
projects being done or
assisted by teachers or
Completed one activity
Slapped something
together to try to get a
Faked it because
reading the novel was
just too much trouble
It was supposed to be
turned in when? I
completely forgot.
Evident parents
completed the projects