powerpoint slides

Read pages 301-306 in the textbook. Answer
questions 1 (Terms & Names), 3-6. Due
Do Now: What do you think of when you hear
the term “Middle Ages?”
Middle Ages: Period in European history after
the fall of the Roman Empire, from 5001500. It’s the middle period between the
ancient world and the modern world in
How did life in Europe change after the fall of the
Roman Empire?
What does it mean that “to the people of Dark
Ages Europe, the new Emperor was Jesus Christ?”
What motivations would a barbarian leader like
Clovis have to convert to Christianity? Did he live
according to the values that Jesus preached?
Describe the Medieval practice of the ordeal used
by rulers like Clovis.
Are the “Dark Ages” an accurate term to
describe the Middle Ages? Why or why not?