Study Guide

Study Guide
Biol 2121 Test #5
The following study guide is exactly that, a guide. Use it to direct your studies for the first exam. The text
should be used to clarify any questions you have. You are still responsible for all class notes covered or
not covered in my lectures. Good luck to you all.
CHAPTER 13: Peripheral Nervous System
1. Distinguish between sensory receptor locations.
2. Distinguish between sensation and perception.
3. Recognize or explain sensory adaptation.
4. Locate the epineurium, perineurium and endoneurium.
5. Describe the basics of nerve regeneration.
6. Know the name, number, and whether the cranial nerves are sensory, motor or mixed, and
functions that are listed in the notes.
7. List how many spinal nerves are in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal regions.
8. Identify the components of a reflex arc.
CHAPTER 14: Autonomic Nervous System
1. Differentiate between the somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system
2. Compare and contrast the differences between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous
3. Where do preganglionic neurons begin in the different divisions of the ANS?
4. Know basic changes associated with parasympathetic and sympathetic
CHAPTER 15: Special Senses
1. Describe the functions of the various accessory structures of the eye
2. Identify the characteristics and describe the structure of the 3 layers of the eye
a. Explain the role of each layer’s respective components
3. Trace the pathway of light through the eye to the retina.
4. Trace the visual pathway to the visual cortex.