How to make mobile marketing work for you.

How to make mobile marketing work for you.
Presented by
Frank Cowell
Elevator President & Founder
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Why Text Messaging?
• As of March 2010, mobile subscribers in U.S.
exceed Internet Users by 63m
• Text message have an estimated 95% ‘open
rate’ - compare with email at around 2%!
• 60% of mobile subscribers are active text
message users
• The number of text messages now exceeds
number of calls by a factor of 3
• “Smartphones” are expected to reach a
penetration rate of 50% by mid-2011
• Viral nature allows for easy forwarding
New Paradigm: Mobile Consumers & Text
Mobile device replacing
PC as primary channel
for communications
Mobile subs in U.S.1 exceed
Internet Users by 63 Million
1 – CTIA, March 2010
More consumers use text
messaging than regularly
use email
60% of U.S. subscribers use
text, email usage flat2
2 – Pew Internet Project, July. 2009
Average Mobile Call Length
CTIA Mid-Year 2010 Report.
How it Works
• Sign-up with any number of companies offering text message marketing
• Select a “Keyword” for your business. Example: ELEVATORAGENCY
• Promote your keyword. To subscribe, people will text your “Keyword” to a
“Short Code”, offered by your text message marketing vendor.
Example: Text ELEVATORAGENCY to 69302
• You send short text messages (140 characters or less) to your subscribers.
Ways to Promote Your Keyword
• Website
• Social Media
• Dedicated Landing Pages
• On-site Signage
• Advertising
• Vehicles
• Billboards
Ways to Promote Your Keyword
Ways to Promote Your Keyword
Dedicated Landing Page
Ways to Promote Your Keyword
On-Site Signage
Ways to Promote Your Keyword
Ways to Promote Your Keyword
Ways to Promote Your Keyword
Ways to Promote Your Keyword
Ways to Use Text Messaging
• Coupons
• Last Minute Deals
• New Products/Menu Items
• Events
• Contests
• Polls
• Request Appointment/Reservation
Case Studies
• Individual location of national food chain sends out a message to 650 subscribers, 750
people respond
• A Southern California streetwear retailer sells $20,000 in just three hours. Sent text to
1,200 people, over 230 showed up (close to 20% response rate).
• Hilton has used and experienced 10-25% increase in response rate when compared with
other communication mediums
• A doctor uses text messaging to send appointment reminders, dramatically lowering “no
show” rates
• Dunkin Donuts sees a 21% increase to in-store traffic as a result of a 99 cent latte
Staying Out of Trouble
• m-SPAM Act of 2009
• Opt-in via mobile keyword or sign-up forms - EXPLICIT PERMISSION
• Use a service - don’t attempt to send via email
• Segment your subscribers - targeted messages are better
• Don’t overwhelm with too many messages
Getting Started
• Develop a strategy and communication calendar
• Select a provider
• Promote your keyword
• Communicate based on communication calendar
• Measure everything!
Continuing the Conversation
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