Object Speech

Chapter 2: Analogy Presentation: 50 points
 To help us know you better in a fun creative way
 To build experience speaking in front of the class
 To develop greater awareness of yourself
In Chapter 2, you have had the opportunity to take a closer look at yourself, and
have hopefully gained a greater understanding of how you see yourself and of how
you present yourself to others. Based on this new understanding, I would like for
you to help us come to know you a little better. For this assignment, you will need
to use both your analytical and creative skills.
Getting Started: Complete the four parts of “The Three Selves: Am I a Puzzle
Assignment” which includes the 3 Selves evaluation sheets. The questions and
answers for each section must be thorough and typed (except evaluation sheets).
Worth: 20 points
Your Speaking Task: Next, you have the task of selecting an object (not a
person/animal) and using it to tell us more about you. Develop a comparison
(analogy) between yourself and that object in at least three distinct ways. You are
to prepare a keyword outline and present a 2 minute oral presentation on this topic.
Begin speech with a short one or two sentence introduction (ie: a cute story about
yourself or how you came up with your object of comparison) that smoothly opens
into your summary of the paper. (No "I did my paper on...") Also, mention the
three ways you are like the object in a preview.
Next, based on your preview, use a clearly organized plan and tell us about how
you are similar to the object. At the end, do not forget include a brief recap of the
three areas of comparison and a polished conclusion. (No "That's it") Worth: 30
Major Components:
2 minute speech
2-3 notecards
Keyword outline
Casual dress allowed
Completed and typed “ Am I a Puzzle – The Three Pieces of Me” Assignment along with at least
three questionnaires competed by family and friends
Please staple the Grading Rubric/Keyword outline/and Puzzle assignment with questionnaires
together before class.