Getting to Know the Periodic Table Each of the statements below

Getting to Know the Periodic Table
Each of the statements below can be completed using the name o f one of the elements. (For example: It was a long journey, but the
members of the wagon train BORON.)
1. I feel sad in the fall when all the flowers _______.
A. argon
2. Two men who are hairless together. _____
B. arsenic
3. What you do to a barcode. _____
C. barium
4. Another answer to #12 below. _____
D. scandium
5. The footprints _____ right to his hiding place.
E. californium
6. Dorothy and Toto’s favorite element. _____
F. cerium
7. These pencils _____ 10 cents a piece.
G. cesium
8. If you throw a stone in the water, it will _____.
9. Elements found in mouths. _____
10. The resort manager said, “_____ view is magnificent.”
11. When the spy’s identity was revealed, the general shouted, “_____”.
12. Bob has the flu. But if he would go to the hospital, the doctor would
H. cobalt
I. copper
J. curium
K. erbium
L. gold
13. Element derived from herbs. _____
M. helium
14. Western state. _____
N. indium
15. After dark, the enemy staged a _____ the encampment.
O. iron
16. “I’ll _____ in the first round,” said the boxer.
P. krypton
17. Just beyond Venus, we find _____.
Q. lanthanum
18. What you do to a shirt. _____
R. lead
19. If you don’t wear your coat in the rain, you’ll catch _____.
S. mercury
20. “What should we do with the treasure chests?” asked the pirates.
“_____,” said the captain.
T. neon
21. Jonas Silk developed an anti-polio _____.
22. “You’ll never take me alive, _____” cried the ganster.
23. The _____ the site of the ancient city holds the remains of the emperor.
24. The recent Symposium on Rare Earth elements opened with the national _____
U. nickel
V. osmium
W. platinum
X. radon
25. What streets are made of. _____
Y. rhodium
26. Number after nine. _____
Z. sulfur
27. Candy bars used to cost a _____, but now they’re 50 cents.
AA. tin
28. After I bumped by _____ the car door, I could hardly walk.
BB. tungsten
29. What General Custer saw. _____
CC. xenon
30. There used to be several papers on the desk, but now I _____.