Global Economic Crisis
•Bank Failures
•Currencies on Verge of Collapse
•Skyrocketing Unemployment
•Women, People of Color, Most
Economic Inequality of Underclass
 Poverty and unemployment feed racism, sexism, and
anger toward immigrants.
 Women, people of color, the young and the old suffer
lower wages and more joblessness.
 A wage gap persists with American women making 77
cents on the dollar compared with male counterparts;
African-American women make 62 cents; Hispanic
women make only 53 cents for every dollar (U.S.
Census Bureau, 2010.)
Women on the Margins
Women, at the center
of economic fallout,
need assistance to
discrimination in:
 education
 employment
 the housing market
 in our own families.
Degradation by Mass Media
The status and self esteem of
women is attacked by advertising
that uses women’s bodies to sell
•The Sex Object
•Happy Housewife
•Barbie Doll
•The Romantic
•The Clinger
•Dumb Blonde
•Hysterical Woman
•The Princess
Unpacking the Stereotypes
 Increase positive female role models in media,
textbooks, and in all institutions.
Eliminate discrimination in the workplace, schools
and in access to appropriate housing.
Provide day care for all families so women and men
can work and take care of their children.
Decrease the wage gap between women and men.
Encourage women in leadership positions in
companies, government and educational institutions
Alternative to Capitalism Needed
 Capitalism is based on profit, selfishness and greed.
The tragic result is that over half of the world’s
population lives, suffers and dies in abject poverty.
Prout, Progressive Utilization
Theory, is a new socio-economic
model based on:
 Economic self-reliance
 Cooperatives
 Environmental stewardship
 Social and economic justice
 Universal spiritual values.
Economic Democracy
 Everyone guaranteed minimum necessities of life.
 Quality of life will be enhanced for all.
 Local people make their own economic decisions.
 No outside control of local economies.
In a peoplecentered
women are
“There is no chance
for the welfare of
the world unless the
condition of
women is improved.
A bird cannot fly on
one wing.” –P. R.
Women’s Empowerment
 Economic Independence
 Quality Education to Girls and Women
 Consciousness Raising
 Spirituality
Women Proutists
for Women:
“Let womanhood be the vanguard of a new revolution
which humanity must achieve for a glorious new
tomorrow.”—P. R. Sarkar
Embrace a New Day!
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