Biology Project— Land Pollution in Hong Kong

Biology Project—
Land Pollution in Hong Kong
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Pollution Sources
Method to solve the problem
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Member list
Cheng Tak Shing (4)
Ho Chung Ting (7)
Lee Chek Fu (9)
Wong Chi Fun (15)
Yu Choi Yan (19)
Yuen Wai Ho (21)
Pollution Sources
1. The dumping of wastes and deposits.
2. Many commercial activities result in the
production of large volumes of solid
waste material.
3. Human activities of domestic households,
commercial and manufacturing business
and construction sites .
Pollution Sources
There are three main ways of waste
• Landfill
• Littering
• Incineration
Pollution Sources
• About 4/5 to 3/4 of the solid
wastes is disposed of by
• The solid wastes are
compressed and covered
with soil on landfill sites
Pollution Sources
Landfill’s common components :
• Tires,
• Computers,
• Plastic bags,
• Packing materials,
• Foam,
• Paper,
• Light bulbs,
• Household wastes etc.
Pollution Sources
Littering’s main venues:
• Parks
• Streets
• Bus stops
• Near shops
• Picnic areas
Pollution Sources
• About 1/4 to 1/5 of solid wastes
in HK is disposed of by
• Reduces the volume of the
waste by approximately 85%
• Kills the disease-causing organisms at
high temperature
• Soil erosion
• Landfill gas, like methane, may be
generated by the decomposition of organic
• Disease carried by mosquitoes, flies,
• Lower the living quality of resident
• Groundwater from landfills may contain
toxic/harmful chemicals.
• Damage to plant and wildlife habitats
• Depress the value of surrounding land
Method to solve the problem
• Reuse, e.g. reuse wastes
to do some art works,
recharge batteries
• Reduce, e.g. use both
side of paper, use fluorescent light bulb
Method to solve the problem
• Recycle, e.g. put aluminum cans, paper,
plastic bottles in recycling bin, recycle
• Replace, e.g. replace tissues by towels,
use shopping bags but not get plastic bag
every time
Method to solve the problem
• Educate people against wasting and
• Organic waste can be dumped in places
far from residential areas.
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