Name: Final Study Guide for Energy and Electromagnetism Unit

Name: ____________________________________
Final Study Guide for Energy and Electromagnetism Unit
Note: All of the new concepts will be on the test as well as some of the old concepts from the
unit. Use the E-book and the interactive activities on the Foss web class page to help you study.
Study the new quizlet set on my webpage for the new vocabulary about electromagnetism and
Know these concepts:
1. If a student opened a switch on a simple circuit to test objects to find out if they were
conductors or insulators, how would she know what the object was between the two
choices? She would know because the component that is supposed to run will run with
a conductor, but it will not run if the object is an insulator. This is because the
conductor (which is made of metal) will complete the circuit. The insulator will block
the flow of electricity.
2. Items made of ___________Iron__________ or ______Steel____________ will stick to a
magnet. (fill in the blanks)
3. Know what energy sources are renewable and which are nonrenewable. (Fossil fuels,
solar power, geothermal power, hydroelectric power) Fossil Fuels are the only option
that is not renewable. Once they are used, they can’t be used again.
4. What materials can magnetism work through? Are there any materials that block the
force of magnetism? Magnetism will work through most materials. One material that
will stop the force of magnetism would be a piece of steel. I would work through cloth,
cardboard, plastic.
5. Know the difference between a series and parallel circuit. A series circuit has one
pathway while a parallel circuit has more than one pathway for electric current to flow.
6. What material makes a good core in an electromagnet? Pieces of iron or steel
7. Know how a temporary magnet is made. A temporary magnet is made from a piece of
iron or steel that is put into a magnetic field. The magnetic field could come from a
permanent magnet, or an electric current flowing through an insulated wire.
8. Know what conductors are made of. All metals
9. If there is no light in a room, will you ever be able to see anything? No, your eyes will
never get used to the dark. Unless there is some light source, you will not see anything.
10. What will a ball that is green look like in a room full of blue light? A ball that is green in
a room full of blue light will appear black. This is because there is no green light for the
ball to reflect. It is absorbing almost all of the light, and whenever an object does this, it
will appear black.
11. How do light rays travel? They travel in straight lines and will go on forever unless they
hit an object.
12. Be able to describe why you can see yourself in the mirror even though you are not a
light source. You are able to see yourself in a mirror because almost every object
reflects light. White light hits your face and reflects into the object in front of you. The
mirror reflects the light back into your eyes, so that you see yourself!
13. Be able to label the different parts of an electromagnet like the one we put together in
class and be able to describe how each component works. ( D-cell, core, switch,
insulated wire, magnetism, electricity) Use the book to locate all of these items.
Electricity is flowing through the insulated wire and creates the magnetic field for the
iron core that then becomes a temporary magnet.
You may write the answers to the questions on notecards or another piece of paper if it will
help you.