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Electrictiy and Magnetism Chapter F1 Notes
Charge - measure of the extra charges that are on an object
Series circuit - has only one path for the current to follow
Parallel circuit - more than one path for current to follow
Magnet -attracts objects made of iron or steel
Magnetic pole - where a magnet’s pull is the strongest
Magnetic field - space all around a magnet where the force of the
magnet can act
Electromagnet - a core wrapped in a wire that is carrying current
Static electricity - the charge that stays on an object
Electric field - space where electric forces occur around objects that are
not touching
Electric current - a flow of charges
Circuit - the pathway for electric current
Electric cell - supplies the energy that moves through a circuit
Conductor - object a current will pass through easily
Insulator - object electricity cannot easily pass through
Resistor - material that resists the flow of current