steel objects - ASPIRA 4th Grade

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Magnetism Test Review - Key
1. What kind of materials do magnets stick to? Iron or Steel
2. What happens when two magnets come together? they attract or they repel
3. What is a force? A push or a pull
4. Is the force of magnetism stopped by any materials? How do you know?
 thick objects would stop the force of magnetism
 the force of magnetism will NOT go through steel objects
5. Explain how distance affects the magnetic force between two magnets?
The closer the magnets are together, the stronger the FORCE.
The farther magnets are apart, the weaker the FORCE
6. Explain induced magnetism.
Need a permanent magnet and objects that is made of iron or steel.
The permanent magnet MUST touch the Iron/Steel Objects.
The magnetic force goes through the iron/steel objects and creates a temporary