Mass Society and Democracy & The Height of Imperialism

12th Grade World History Test Review
*** Denotes a Final Exam Question
This party based its theories on the work of Karl
Sigmund Freud devised this method by which a
therapist and patient could probe deeply into the
patient’s memory.
In the Second Industrial Revolution, what led
the way to new industrial frontiers?
*** According to Karl Marx, the ____, or working
class, was oppressed by the middle class.
Although they made up only 5 percent of the
population, which class controlled 30 to 40
percent of the wealth?
The alliance between Great Britain, Russia, and
France was known as the
According to Albert Einstein’s special ________
____ _________________, if all material things
disappear out of the universe, time and space
would disappear with them.
*** ________________ believed that the world
was a collection of symbols that reflected the true
reality, which was the individual human mind.
***_______________ was the idea that buildings,
like the products of machines, should be useful
and lack unnecessary ornamentation.
The ________-________ ____________gave rise
to automobiles, airplanes, and improved ocean
During the Second Industrial Revolution, how much
of the European population belonged to the
working class?
The alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and
Italy was known as the
According to ___________ _________,human
behavior was strongly determined by repressed
Who was a postimpressionist painter for whom art
was a spiritual experience?
The constitution of the new imperial Germany
begun by ______ ___ _______set up a twohouse legislature.
A major goal of _______ __________’s
explorations was to find a river to open Central
Africa to commerce and Christianity.
The ____ were descendents of Europeans born
in Latin America who lived there permanently.
Latin America exported these items after 1870.
Who established the colony of Singapore?
If a colony was run by ________ __________, local
elites were removed from power and replaced with
a new set of officials from the mother country.
Originally sent to Africa to find David
Livingstone, __________ ____________ was
hired by King Leopold II of Belgium.
The only free states remaining in Africa by 1914
Lord _______________ designed a new school
system in India to train Indian children to serve in
the colonial government and army.
Who set up a nonviolent movement with the aim
to force the British to aid the poor and grant
independence to India?
In the Latin American colonial system, who were
the mestizos?
the belief that Europeans had a moral
responsibility to civilize indigenous peoples was
called the ____________ ________’s
Who led a movement for independence in the
The _________________ were descendants of
the original Dutch settlers of Cape Town and the
surrounding areas.
In 1857 a growing Indian distrust of the British led
to the First War of Independence, which the
British called the _________ ______________.
What was the goal of the Indian National
Who was the Indian author who was also a social
reformer, spiritual leader, educator, philosopher,
singer, and painter?
As a result of a slave revolt led by ________Dominique ___________-___________ which
country became Latin America’s first
independent nation?
Who began the struggle for independence in
Venezuela in 1810?
*** What were the group of Protestants in
England who were inspired by Calvinist
ideas called?
*** Absolutism is
*** ____ were French Protestants
influenced by John Calvin.
Absolutism is a system in which a ruler
holds total power. In seventeenthcentury Europe, absolutism was tied to
the idea of the divine right of kings. This
means that rulers received their power
from God and were responsible to no one
except God. They had the ability to
make laws, levy taxes, administer
justice, control officials, and determine
foreign policy.
Question on next slide
*** Which power is not included in the
authority that the system of
Absolutism believed God had given to
making laws
changing the country’s religion
setting foreign policy
levying taxes
*** To Voltaire and many other
philosophers, the universe was
*** Montesquieu’s most lasting
contribution to political thought was his
According to Darwin, what was central
to organic evolution?