Mahanna AP Lit and Comp: Unit Plan/Assignments A Doll's House

AP Lit and Comp: Unit Plan/Assignments
A Doll’s House-Henrik Ibsen
Day 1, Fri., Nov. 21st: Web Search/Background info – Meet in the E206 computer lab
Essential Question: How does one determine what information is important when reading the background
of a text? Warm Up: Why is it important to know a text’s background prior to reading it?
1. Follow the directions on the back of this sheet for the web search providing various instances of
background information on the author, his time period, and the play itself. Finish for homework if
necessary. This will be collected as a 30 point work evaluation grade on Monday, Dec. 1st.
Read Act 1 for homework.
Day 2, Mon., Dec. 1st: Class discussion and preliminary analysis
Essential Question: Why does art often imitate life? What is a social or problem drama?
Warm Up: What do you think a problem or social drama is? What problem do you think Ibsen might be
addressing after only reading Act 1?
1. Introduction to the play/discussion of background especially Realism as an artistic movement.
Web search notes are due for a 30 point grade next class. Read Act 2 for homework.
Day 3, Tues., Dec. 2nd: Character analysis
Essential Question: What types of characters does one find in a text? Warm up: How does Ibsen portray
Realism in his play?
1. We will discuss the varying characters (flat, round, stock, foil), function of setting in the play,
significance of the title, and work on discussion questions.
Day 4, Wed., Dec. 3rd and Day 5, Thurs. Dec. 4th: Act 3 and class discussion
Essential Question: Evaluate Nora Helmer as a character. Do readers take her seriously or easily dismiss
her? Why?
1. Read Act 3 together as a class. Create discussion questions for each scene focusing on character
analysis and type, Realism, and social commentary.
Day 6, Fri. Dec. 5th: Characterization Activity
Essential Question: Who in the play are foils of one another? Why do you think so?
1. You will work in small groups of 3 to create a social media page for your group’s character using
your knowledge from the play, Realism, and Ibsen’s time period.
Day 7, Mon. Dec. 8th and Day 8, Tues. Dec. 9th: Figurative Language
Essential Question: How do authors use figurative language to portray theme? Warm up: What extended
metaphors have you seen in the text within the three acts?
1. Discussion of foreshadowing, irony, extended metaphors and symbolism.
2. In class prompt (10 point Assessment grade): How does Ibsen utilize figurative devices to
portray his ideas about Norwegian society?
Day 9-11, Wed., Dec. 10th through Fri., Dec. 12th: Feminist/Psychoanalytic/New Historicist
Essential Question: How do I focus my analysis through a specific lens? Warm up: Write a thesis
statement using one of the forms of criticism above.
1. Discuss how to use the three forms of criticism within the text. Complete the activities given in
class. Discussion Questions are due for a 30 point homework grade on Feb. 21st.
Day 12, Mon. Dec. 15th: Essay test (40 point grade)
1. You will use A Doll’s House to answer one of three essay choices from previous AP Lit exams.
There is no final paper for this unit.
A Doll’s House Web Search
Follow the instructions exactly for each step of this web search. Each boldfaced part is worth 5 points for
a total of 30 work evaluation points.
Step 1: Go to Google and type Henrik Ibsen. Find to get the English version of the website. If
you go directly to, it will be in Norwegian. Look at the pink menu choices on the left.
1. Take notes on Ibsen’s Life/biography (Think about notes we have taken on authors in the
past to determine what is important.)
2. Then, click on the pink menu “Ibsen as dramatist” and select A Doll’s House as a choice.
You will see “Facts about A Doll’s House.” Read Ibsen’s note taken from the script
regarding a contemporary tragedy. Answer the following in your notes: What is Ibsen
expressing as a problem regarding gender and his main character? Summarize the
story that inspired this play as well.
Step 2: Go back to the Life and Works tab under the pink menu and click on “In Depth Articles.”
1. Read the article “Henrik Ibsen’s Dramatic Vision.” Summarize it in your notes.
2. Then read the article “Ibsen and Realism” Summarize/take notes on this article.
3. Finally, read the article “William Archer: The Real Ibsen.” Summarize this article in your
Step 3: Go to Google and type “A Doll’s House and Goldman” and click on the title listed below, “The
Social Significance of the Modern Drama: A Doll’s House.”
1. Read the article and answer the following:
a. What does Goldman mean by the phrase found in the first lines of her article,
“the position of woman in her gilded cage?”
b. What lie, according to Gelman, is Nora living?