BY: Dejanae and Cassandra HenRIK iBSEN

BY: Dejanae and Cassandra
Who am I??
Henrik was born on March, 20 th 1828 in Skien,
He grew up in a small Norwegian costal town as the
oldest of five children born to Knud and Marichen
His father was a successful merchant and his mother
painted, played the piano and loved to go to the
When he was 15 years old he stopped school and
went to work; he landed a position as an apprentice in
apothecary. He worked there for six years and used
his free time to write poetry and paint.
What did I do & When??
In 1849 ,he wrote his first play Catilina drama written in verse modeled after
one of his greatest influence William Shakespeare; which failed to get much
In 1850, Ibsen moved to Christiania to prepare for university examinations of
Christiania University.
In 1851 ,Ibsen had a fateful encounter with theater manager Ole Bull, Bull
liked Ibsen so much he offered him a job as a writer and manager for the
Norwegian theater in Bergen.
During a tour in Copenhagen and Dresden, in 1852, he seeked the strong
influence of Herman Hettners as well as Scribe and Hebbel.
In 1857, he returned to Christiania to run another theater there. People felt
that he mismanaged the theater and called him an ouster.
In 1862, he wrote Love’s Comedy it was a satirical look at marriage.
In Italy, he wrote Brand a five-act tragedy about a clergyman
whose devotion to his faith costs him his family and ultimately his
After this play he became famous in Scandinavia.
Two years later he created one of his masterworks, Peer Gynt.
In 1868, he moved to Germany where he saw his social drama
The Pillars of Society first performed. This play launched his
career and was soon followed up by his most famous work A
Doll’s House.
He then moved to Rome, where he developed a play in 1881,
Ghosts, which stirred up controversy by tackling topics such as
incest and venereal disease. This play was so intense that it
wasn’t performed widely until two years later.
Why he DIED and after
In 1900 Ibsen had a series of strokes that left him unable to
write. He managed to live several more years and died on May
23 1906.
He is buried in the Cemetery of Our Saviour in Oslo, Norway.
Even though Ibsen is gone his plays are still played around the
world. Peer Gynt, A Doll’s House and Hebba Gabler are the
most preformed today.
What did you learn ?
1. When was Ibsen born?
a) March 9, 1821 b) March 20 th, 1828 c) May 20 th, 1821
2. Where was he born?
Skien, Norway b) Pairs, France c) Chicago, Illinois
3. How many siblings did he have?
b) 4
c) none
4. What was his mother’s hobbies?
To Paint
b) play piano
c) go to the theater
d) all of the above
5. What was the name of his first play?
a) Ghosts b) Catilina
c) Love’s comedy
d) A Doll’s House
Quiz 2 true/false
6. Ibsen was also a chief.
7. He went to Rome, Italy, and Germany.
8. He had 8 stokes and died.
9. He died March 23, 1909.
10. He died in Oslo, Norway.