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Ibsen Seminars: Resources
DIGITAL Resources
Gale Literature Resource Center York Mills subscription database contains biographies
of Ibsen and literary criticism and analysis of A Doll’s House.
http://ymcilibrary.wordpress.com/databases/ Password updated recently; check the
library posters or your updated agenda password list.
Jack Wolcott’s Theatre history on the Web Click “19th century” for Victorian links and
Victorian women links.
Centre for Ibsen Studies, Univ. of Oslo. This is perhaps THE online source for
biographical information.
Excerpt from Joan Templeton’s article “The Doll House Backlash: Criticism,
Feminism, and Ibsen” in PMLA. This includes some of Ibsen’s own commentary on the
issue of feminism.
Search for Ibsen: A Doll's House by Egil Törnqvist using Google Books. You may
want to use the table of contents to scroll to “Impact”, a chapter giving information about
the contemporary reaction to the play.
The Cambridge Companion to Ibsen by James Walter McFarlane is also available
online through Google Books. The chapter on “Ibsen & Feminism” might be especially
http://books.google.ca/books (search by title & author)
PRINT Resources
Greenhaven Literary Companion to A Doll’s House 839.8226 REA. This contains
numerous critical essays on A Doll’s House (themes, contexts, etc.)
Literature and Its Times, Vol. 3, REF 809 LIT A study of the historical and literary
context in which Ibsen wrote. This essay also details the profound effect A Doll’s House
had on society and literature of the time.
The Cambridge Companion to Ibsen 839.8226 CAM
Lives and Works in the Arts, Vol. 5, REF 700.922 LIV This contains a helpful overview
of Ibsen’s life and potential sources for the play.