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April 2013
AP Seminar
Academic Services
April 2013
Community Builder:
Just like me…..
One person begins introducing
themselves to the group
When another person in the
audience hears something the
previous person shared that is
“just like them” the chime in say “
that’s just like me”
The person that chimed in saying
“ that’s just like me begins
introducing themselves starting
with the connection from the
previous person.
Repeat step 2 and 3 until all
members in the audience have
introduced themselves.
Bellwork: Community Builder
•Instructor will review the 21st
Centry skills and AP success stats
with students and make a
conncetion to the AP Seminar
•Instructor will review specific
content for AP course of study
•Instructor and students will
utilize test taking strategies to
answer multiple choice and free
response answers
Learning Goal: Learners will
understand and implement effective test
taking strategies for passing AP exams.
Strategic Plan Goal # 1
Increased Student Achievement
April 6 & April 27 2013
AP Seminar
•Learners will: utilize content
knowledge learned in AP courses coupled
with effective test taking strategies to
increase pass rate by completing practice
AP test questions
•Students will utilize materials
YOU DO from the AP Seminar to study for
AP exam
Essential Question:
How do we revolutionize the way we teach, lead,
and learn for 21st century success?
Common Language:
•Advanced Placement
•Effective Strategies
Exit Activity
Students will share with the class one
strategy or tip they will use on exam day
1. Utilize new learning and implement on AP exam
2. Continue to study for AP exam
21st Century Skills
Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap
1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
2. Collaboration and Leadership
3. Agility and Adaptability
4. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism
5. Effective Oral and Written Communication
6. Accessing and Analyzing Information
7. Curiosity and Imagination
Academic Services
Positive Statistics
Hurray Lake County Schools
Lake County Schools….
– Named to the College Board District
Honor Roll
• 1 of 10 counties in
the state earned this
• AP participation
& pass rates are
up 35% over the
past three years.
• We are going to spend the next two
hours reviewing over the main concepts
of macroeconomics!
• Although AP Econ is extremely EXICTING,
lectures are typically dreadful.
– So this is going to require your participation!
• Your participation will take the form of:
– Graphing,
– Explaining those graphs,
– Answering and Explaining MC questions
– Answering and Explaining FRQs
– Politely correcting your presenter if you feel that I
• It happens!
– And most importantly: Asking Questions
This is your AP review session, not mine.
If you want to get the most out of it, you will need to
participate and ask questions.
That being said, we only have two hours to cover the
entire course so we are just going to quickly hit the
basics and give you some tips on how to be successful
on the test.
This review session should reinforce and/or clarify what
you have already learned. Incorporate the strategies
learned today into your studies, classrooms, and AP
Content Overview
We will be covering the following concepts together:
– Allocating Resources:
• Scarcity, Opportunity Cost, and the PPC
– How prices are determined for a product:
• Supply & Demand
– Measuring the Health of an Economy
• Unemployment
• Inflation
• Business Cycle
Content Overview
– How We Use Our Money:
• Consumption, Saving, and the Multiplier
– The Most Important Graph of Them All:
• Extended Aggregate Demand and Supply
– Adjusting the Health of an Economy:
• Fiscal Policy
• Monetary Policy
– The Value of Trade:
• Exports, Imports, and Exchange rates
Content Overview
Each one of these concepts are important.
– If you have a firm grasp of the basics of each
on of these concepts, you will do fine.
How we will be
• This review will require you to make a friend!
– You will each have a partner
• One person will be in charge of drawing the
graphs and writing down the answers.
• The other person will be responsible for ensuring
that the writer is writing correctly!
– You will be asked to draw graphs and answer
Multiple Choice and Free Response questions from
your packet
– Do not show your answers to other groups or raise
your whiteboards until told to do so.
Content Overview
• Once the correct answer has been given, we will
review why that answer was correct and why the
other options were not.
– This is your chance to ask questions
Let’s Get Started!
Get into groups of two
Grab one:
Eraser per group and
Two Multiple Choice Packets
What to Bring:
•Several Pencils w/non-smudging erasers for MC
•Black or Blue pens only for FRQ
•If you write in pencil there is the possibility of
your work getting smudged in a manner that’s
voids the answer
•A watch
•Your School Code
•Photo ID and SSN
•Tissues if you have a runny nose
• What not to Bring:
Cell phones, mp3 players, etc
Books, dictionaries, notes, or flash cards
Office supplies besides those listed in
the approved list
• Clothing with any economics on it
• Panic, fear, or apathy
Two Sections
Multiple Choice Questions (70 Minutes)
• 60 Questions 1.25 minutes per question
• Worth 66% of score
• Each question is equal to 1.1% of grade
Free Response Questions (60 Minutes)
• 3 Questions
• 1 Long Response Questions (16% of score)
• 2 Short Response Questions (8% each)
• 10 Minute organization time
• 50 Minute response time
Strategies and Practice:
Free Response
• Important Rules
• No Calculators
• No colored pencils/pens.
• Blue or black pens only!
Time Management Strategies
Section 1: 60 minutes
• It is important to move as efficiently as possible
through both sections…
• Read thoroughly, but...
– Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down in trying
to figure out the answer.
– If you don’t know, leave it blank, star the
question, and return to it later.
• If you still don’t know the answer give your
best guess.
– Extra points are not deducted for guessing.
» So Try!
Strategies and Practice:
Free Response
Section 2: 50 minutes response time
– Use 25 minutes to complete the long FRQ.
– If you get confused with details, complete all
other FRQ then return.
– Ensure that you are following the same train
of thought throughout the entire answer:
• Example:
– What would happen to PL if i
decreased. What would the relationship
be between Actual and Potential GDP
as well as Actual Unemployment and
Strategies and Practice:
Free Response
• What would happen to PL if i decreased. What would the
relationship be between Actual and Potential GDP as well as
Actual Unemployment and NRU.
• Answer:
• PL would decrease b/c AD would decrease
along a stable AS curve. (Wrong)
• Therefore, Actual GDP < Potential
• Actual UE > NRU
• Although the initial answer is wrong, you can
still earn points for the following questions as
long as they follow the logic of your incorrect
Exit Activity
• With a shoulder partner, turn and talk
about one strategy you will utilize on
your AP exam and why.
Lake County Schools
Investing In Excellence!
College and Career Readiness
Academic Services
April 2013