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College and Career Readiness
Academic Services
April 2013
Seminar For
Advanced Placement
Academic Services
April 2013
Community Builder:
Just like me…..
1. One person begins
introducing themselves
to the group
– School
– Favorite geography
– Least favorite
geography topic
Bellwork: Community Builder
•Instructor will review the 21st
Centry skills and AP success stats
with students and make a
conncetion to the AP Seminar
•Instructor will review specific
content for AP course of study
•Instructor and students will
utilize test taking strategies to
answer multiple choice and free
response answers
Learning Goal: Learners will
understand and implement effective test
taking strategies for passing AP exams.
Strategic Plan Goal # 1
Increased Student Achievement
April 6 & April 27 2013
AP Seminar
•Learners will: utilize content
knowledge learned in AP courses coupled
with effective test taking strategies to
increase pass rate by completing practice
AP test questions
•Students will utilize materials
YOU DO from the AP Seminar to study for
AP exam
Essential Question:
How do we revolutionize the way we teach, lead,
and learn for 21st century success?
Common Language:
•Advanced Placement
•Effective Strategies
Exit Activity
Students will share with the class one
strategy or tip they will use on exam day
1. Utilize new learning and implement on AP exam
2. Continue to study for AP exam
21st Century Skills
Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap
1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
2. Collaboration and Leadership
3. Agility and Adaptability
4. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism
5. Effective Oral and Written Communication
6. Accessing and Analyzing Information
7. Curiosity and Imagination
Academic Services
Positive Statistics
Hurray Lake County Schools
Lake County Schools….
– Named to the College Board District
Honor Roll
Content Overview
• APHG Strategies and Examples, 2013
• APHG Content, 2013
– Graphic organizers
– PeopleTheoriesModels
– Online Resources
• Multiple Choice Sample Questions
• FRQ Sample
Strategies and Practice
Multiple Choice
• Mark your answers clearly and neatly
• Be aware of time, you have 60 minutes to
answer 75 questions on the AP Exam; do not
linger over a question too long.
– There 18 sample questions in your packet
• Mark questions to return to later. Once you
return, if you still don't know the answer,
make an educated guess.
• Every so often, check to make sure you're
bubbling on the correct number
Strategies and Practice
Multiple Choice
• Remember that you're looking for the best
answer - there will be distractors.
• Read all answer choices carefully.
• Ignore test-takers that finish before you; use
the entire allotted time to go back over answers.
• There is no guessing penalty. If you run out of
time, pick one letter for the remaining answers
and go for it.
Strategies and Practice
Free Response
• Understanding what the question is asking
- Know the FRQ vocabulary
• The Deadlies
• Editing
– Keep the margins open
Exit Activity
• With a shoulder partner, turn and talk
about one strategy you will utilize on
your AP exam and why.
• If it is good share it with the group
• Please answer the interest inventory as
accurately and honestly as possible.
AP Content 2013
Which areas would you like to review?
• Geography Overview
– Themes
– Diffusion
– Regions
• Population
– Concepts
– Demographic Transition Model
– Population Pyramids
AP Content 2013
Which areas would you like to review?
• Culture
Popular v. Local
Patterns and Process
Appropriation v. Assimilation
• Language
– Major Families
– Lingua Franca
– Pidgin and Creole
– Religions
– Cultural Landscapes
• Toponyms
AP Content 2013
Which areas would you like to review?
• Political Geography
• Agriculture, Rural and the Environmental Geography
• Urban Geography, Industrialization and
Multiple Choice Practice
In your student packet, find the
18 sample multiple choice questions and
complete them
Discuss answers
Free Response Question
Industrial location models are used to explain geographic patterns of economic activity. The maps
above show automobile factories built before and after 1986 in the United States.
A. Identify TWO changes in the geography of automobile factory construction shown by the
B. Identify and explain TWO factors related to industrial location that may have contributed to
the changes.
In your student packet, please locate the
APHG Seminar Interest Inventory survey
and complete it. Hand it to the instructor
before you leave.
…and Good Luck in the
AP Human Geography Exam
on Friday, May 17th