Characteristics of Life

Characteristics of Life
1. Movement
a) The ability to move
2. Ingestion
a) To take in food
3. Digestion
a) To break down food into energy
i) physical
-chewing (Mastication)
ii) chemical
-stomach acids
4. Excretion
a) The removal of waste
5. Sensitivity
a) The response to changes in the environment
6. Reproduction
a) To create offspring
i) asexual: only 1 parent; organism
can reproduce by itself
ii) sexual: 2 parents required to
create offspring
7. Respiration
a) The breakdown of food (using oxygen)
to produce energy
8. Growth
a) To get bigger
9. Transport
a) To be able to move material into and out
of cells
10. Synthesis
a) To be able to make new substances
(ex: photosynthesis)
11. Homeostasis
a) To maintain a stable internal
a)Ability of an organism to move
a)To take in food
a)To break down food
1.Physical breakdown:
 chewing
2.Chemical breakdown:
 stomach acids
a)The removal of waste from an organism
a)The response to changes in the
a)The creation of offspring of the same
1. Asexual: only 1 parent; organism can
reproduce on its own
2. Sexual: 2 parents required to reproduce
a)The breakdown of food (using oxygen)
to release energy
a)To get bigger
a)Able to move substances to and from
a)The ability to make new substances
 Ex: photosynthesis
a) Maintaining a stable internal
ALL living things are CELLULAR (made of
ALL living things need ENERGY
Only living things-or once living thingscontain carbon
Carbon Atom
Of life; living; comes from life; contains
◦ EX:, plants, wood, cotton, people and animals (both
are meat)
Non-living, never was life, does not have
◦ EX: metal, rock