Chapter 5
Section 4
What were the original religions of
Rome like? How were conquered
peoples regulated spiritually?
• Polytheistic, mystery religions, cults
• Religious tolerance
• Acknowledgement of the divine spirit of
the Roman emperor and the ancient
Roman gods
How were Jews treated by the
• Tolerant of Jewish Tradition
• Jews were the special case
Where do some of the teachings of
Christianity come from?
• Stemmed from Jewish and Pagan
What impact did Paul have on the
Christian Church?
• Though he never met Jesus officially and
was a persecutor of Christians, he is given
credit for the primary spread of the
Christian faith
Why were Christians persecuted?
Is there religious persecution today?
Can you think of religious
persecution throughout history?
• They were persecuted because they were
• Examples??
Define Martyrs
• Christians killed by persecution.
• What does it mean today??
How is Christianity easily spread?
• Use of Greek philosophy and Pagan
• Has this process been used in the spread
of religion since the forming of
What impact did Constantine have
on the development of Christianity?
• Issue of the Edict of Milan
– Gives all Roman citizens the freedom of
Define: clergy, bishop, patriarch,
popes, heresies.
• Clergy – the group of people who conduct
Christian services
• Bishop – a high Church official responsible
for everyone in the diocese
• Patriarch – most important bishops
• Pope – Patriarchs in Rome
• Heresies - beliefs against the church
In a Graphic Organizer, draw the
hierarchy of the church.
• Pope/Patriarchs
– Bishop
• Priest