2. Civil War Significant Events Timeline

Civil War Significant Events Timeline
Turn in this rubric with your timeline – Name _______________________
Directions: On the back of this paper, or on any other paper, use the
blue text book Chapter 15 and 16 to find the dates and the
importance of the following civil war events and place them on a
 For each of the following events you must include caption/sentence of
the importance, a related image, and an accurate date (month, year).
 Each task is worth 4 points.
1. Make sure you start the timeline with accurate spacing before
you even begin to align dates
2. Neatness, accurate spelling and capitalization are imperative
but color is not necessary
3. Battle of Ft. Sumter, date, caption, image
4. 1st Battle of Bull Run, date, caption, image
5. Battle of Antietam, date, caption, image
6. Emancipation Proclamation, date, caption, image
7. Battle of Gettysburg, date, caption, image
8. Gettysburg Address, date, caption, image
9. Siege and Capture of Vicksburg, date, caption, image
Sherman Takes Atlanta and the March to the Sea, date,
caption, image
Capture of Richmond, date, caption, image
Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, date, caption,