Semester 1 Final – Honors Biology - Study Guide Chapters covered

Semester 1 Final – Honors Biology - Study Guide
Chapters covered: 1.3, 2, 3, 7
Topics to focus on:
Characteristics of life, biological investigation procedures, nature of atoms, elements, isotopes,
compounds, bonding, water, properties of water, pH, acids, bases, solutions, suspensions, properties of
carbon, carbon compounds, macromolecules and their components, chemical reactions, energy of
reactions, enzymes, endergonic, exergonic, ions, biotic, abiotic factors, producers, consumers, food
chains, webs, energy pyramids, trophic levels, nutrient cycles, discovery of cells, cell structures,
microscopes, organelle functions, cellular organization, types of cells, cell transport, homeostasis
Knowing definitions of these terms is not enough. Students should be able to answer questions such as
these below. Also, students should know how to critically reason through questions not just answer
factual questions.
Why are these things important to life?
What are these things made of?
How do these things relate or impact one another?
How are these things related to evolution?
What are the building blocks that support these things?