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David Robins
Fishers, IN ∙ 317-480-2496 ∙ dbrobins@davidrobins.com
I am looking for a senior technical management position where I can drive value creation.
Skills Summary
Experienced managing functional areas and leading development teams.
Programming language expertise: C, C++, Python, C#, JavaScript, x86/ARM assembler.
Proficient at developing on Unix, Windows, or embedded systems (primarily ARM-based).
Manager, Embedded Development (August 2015 – Present)
Exacq Technologies (Tyco Security Products), Fishers, IN; T.J. Johnson, Director, S/W Engineering
Develop, test, and release firmware for boards shipped in Exacq systems:
 USB I/O (UsbDio) and PoE boards (UNA).
 Analog video capture cards, in-house (tDVR) and OEM products.
Responsible for “Edge” products: ExacqVision VMS server running directly on cameras.
Senior Manager, Firmware (May 2014 – June 2015, Consulting)
Yikes Corporation, Carmel, IN; A.J. Robertson, CTO
Managed firmware, system software development, and security for phone-based hotel
room access system. C++, Python, Bluetooth Low Energy, ARM/embedded
Designed communication protocols and scheduled development cycles and integration.
Developed algorithms for proximity, hotel configuration, and capacitance touch detection.
Manager, API and Integrations (April 2013 – May 2014)
Exacq Technologies (Tyco Security Products), Fishers, IN; T.J. Johnson, Director, S/W Engineering
Lead a team that developed, supported, and released the ExacqVision Video Management
System API used by customers, partners, and the internal web service client. C++, SVN.
Maintain and add to demonstration projects using the API. C, C++, C#, Python.
Implementing automated testing, continuous build integration, and periodic developer
technology presentations. Google Test, Jenkins, various.
Senior Software Engineer (November 2011 – April 2013)
Freedom Scientific, St. Petersburg, FL; Rob Steinberger, Director of Engineering
Architected, developed, and tested a Windows virtual printer driver, protocols, and
installer which passes “printed” pages to our scanning and reading applications. C++, WiX.
Implemented the PREPARE process in our WYNN™ product, a guided process that helps
students write essays. Added a new Notecards document type. C++, XML, MFC, COM.
Built internal tools using Python and C#/.NET, including an object model framework
generator and web code review tracking application. Apache, C#/WFC, Python, PostgreSQL.
Software Development Engineer (March 2005 – November 2011)
Microsoft, 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA; Rob Little, Development Manager
Lead development of file I/O for co-authoring (multiple authors) feature for Word 2010.
Responsible (area expert and maintainer) for autocorrect (event-based state machine),
printing, the object model (VBA interfaces), fields, and online documents. C++.
Wrote database tools in C# to aid with the ECMA OpenXML standardization effort, and a
graphical call graph generator. C#, GraphViz, SQL Server, XML, XPath, XSLT.
Refactored drawing into an interface to add support for Direct2D printing. Adapter pattern.
Senior Developer (September 2004 – March 2005)
athenahealth Inc., 1 Moody Street, Waltham, MA; Ed Park, Chief Architect
athenahealth provides a medical billing and claims processing service, athenaNet, to
healthcare providers nationwide.
Implemented logging, table auditing, and data normalization for athenaNet code and
database architecture. Perl, Oracle, PL/SQL.
Worked with the claim submission team to develop new linkages with payers (insurers)
and ensure efficient claim processing. Perl, XML, parsing.
Software Developer (March 2002 - August 2004)
Hilton Hotels, 755 Crossover Lane, Memphis, TN; Peter Tyrell, Director, CRM
Designed and built service-oriented architecture (SOA) transaction-processing servers to
manage retrieval of and updates to guest profile and stay information for the Hilton family
of brands. C, Perl, Apache, Informix.
The framework included communication with servers and databases across the company,
protocol design, PDF “folio” generation, a Perl build system, and rewriting the existing
database object-relational mapping (ORM) system to improve clarity and efficiency.
Scheduled and managed projects; some mentoring. Began as contractor; hired full time.
Selected Prior Work:
Acres Productive Technologies, Niagara Falls, ON
Developed user interface and database for “Power@Work” scheduling utility.
Spectra Securities Software, Toronto, ON
Completed Unix server component of messaging facility for stock price updates.
GO DSP Corporation (acquired by Texas Instruments), Toronto, ON
Worked on flagship “Code Composer” product, a Visual Studio-like environment for DSP
development; implemented system for COM plugins.
Master of Science, Computer Science and Engineering
University Of Washington, Seattle WA
Graduated with an overall GPA of 3.9; courses included compiler design (course project,
optimization), accessibility, programming languages, and networking.
Bachelor of Mathematics, Computer Science, Honors, Co-op
University Of Waterloo, Waterloo ON
Courses taken include real-time operating system design, computer graphics, compiler design,
databases, psychology, physics, German and Greek. Minored in Pure Mathematics.
Contributions and Awards
Open Source:
Wrote CPAN (perl module repository) modules Net::RVP, Event::IO, and HTTP::Parser, and maintained
Compress::Bzip2, Net::SSH::Perl, Net::SSH2, and Net::SFTP, and have patches in File::Remote, Inline,
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel, Math::Pari.
Contributed to several open source projects including Parrot (perl6), pkgconfig, DocBook documentation,
Nestopia, FreeSCI, the Clang C++ compiler (LLVM), and the XBMC media center application (separated into
a library for better testing).
 Photography (nature, some weddings); bicycling; running; shooting sports; avid reader.
 Languages: French, some German, studied classical (Koine) Greek.
 Run mail and web servers using various open source frameworks (Apache, Postfix, Djbdns).
 Microcontroller development, small-scale electronics.
 Co-holder of U.S. patent #7,941,399, “Collaborative Authoring”.
 Co-holder of pending U.S. patent “Fast Merge Support for Legacy Documents”.
 René Descartes (Canadian Mathematics Competition) Scholarship