Assignment 1

Assignment 1
Due on Feb. 3, Tuesday
Write a Python program to implement the simple grading system using if statements (any
of three forms). When running the program, the system asks users to input the grade (0100). Based on the input grades, we can obtain the corresponding letter according to the
following criteria. Save your codes in the .py file (e.g.,, and run it in Python.
90-100: A
80-89: B
70-79: C
60-69: D
50-59: E
0-49: F
For example:
C: \> python
Please enter your score: 92
Your grade is: A
C: \> python
Please enter your score: 76
Your grade is: C
Submit the hard copy before the class on the due date, and send your source code to the
Teaching Assistant Hsin-Yun Weng ([email protected]) with the subject
“Assignment 1 of CSC1310”.