Bottom Line: You can trust that God can do the impossible

Large Group
• JUNE 25, 26
Bible Story: Crossing the Red Sea
Bottom Line: You can trust that God can do the impossible
because He’s God.
The stage is empty. Once the kids are seated you can start the video.
HOST: (a home video. He’s hiding because he’s scared. Perhaps he’s in a blanket fort with his
favorite teddy bear…) Hey Kidville, listen. So, I’m in my room this morning. I have a confession
to make. You know I’ve been in training because I’m supposed to be flying to Hawaii next week.
But, the truth is … I’m terrified. I’ve never been on a plane before. I mean, have you seen one of
those things? How much do they weigh, like 200,000 pounds? I mean, I’ve seen a paper
airplane fly, sure, but 200,000 pounds of metal should not be flying in the sky … over the ocean!
I’m getting sick just thinking about it. Excuse me.
STORYTELLER: Wow. He seems really scared of flying. Speaking of flying, you’re not going to
believe what animal God made that can fly – okay, more like glide in the air, sometimes as high
as 4 feet. (hold up your hand to show 4 feet). They can also stay in the air for 655 feet. That’s
longer than 2 football fields. Any guesses? (Get responses.) Drum roll, please … (Have kids do
drum roll on legs.)
Reveal fish bowl with fish inside.
A fish! Okay, maybe not THIS fish, exactly, but God made a flying fish!
CG: Flying fish
You can see in this [picture/video], flying fish are shaped liked torpedoes. That helps them build
up enough underwater speed to break the surface of the ocean. They have large, wing-like
pectoral fins, and that gets them airborne! A flying fish can flap its tail and glide over the water.
Some of them have glided as far as 1,312 feet. That’s more than four football fields in length!
Imagine if this goldfish could leap out of this bowl and fly to the back of the room! Talk about
impossible! Wait, a lot of you guys … are all wearing … blue … You kind of look like a big body of
water, like a sea. Hmm, maybe it’s just my overactive imagination because I’ve been thinking
about fish that fly. Are you wondering why we had you wear blue today? You’ll see why in a
STORYTELLER:“So who remembers what we’ve been talking about all month long? (Pause for
responses.) Right! Faith. Faith is …
CG: Virtue Slide
Remember last week when we talked about how Joseph kept on trusting in God, even when
bad things happened, and how he eventually became the second in command in Egypt? Not too
long after that, Joseph invited all of his family—his dad and his brothers and their kids—to
come live in Egypt. Those people were called the Israelites, and they were the descendents of
Abraham, Joseph’s great-grandfather.
The Israelites lived in Egypt for over 400 years. Eventually there were so many Israelites that
the pharaoh, the king of Egypt, was afraid they were going to take over the country. So he
made them all slaves. Now, this was a new pharaoh, not the one who made Joseph second in
command. This new pharaoh became king long after Joseph had died so he didn’t know
anything about Joseph.
This was bad for the Israelites. They didn’t want to be slaves—who would? So God sent
someone to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. Who did God send? (Pause for
responses.) Right—Moses.
… trusting in what you CAN’T see because of what you CAN see. We trust in God, even though
we can’t see Him, because we can see what God has made. We can trust God to keep His
promises because of the promises He’s kept. We can trust God to be with us because we’ve
seen how faithful He’s been.
STORYTELLER: (Open Bible to Exodus 14:5-31.) You can read all about it in the book of Exodus,
in the Old Testament.
After the plagues, Pharaoh FINALLY told the Israelites to go, to leave his country. But you know
what he did after that? He changed his mind. He decided he wanted all his slaves back. Who
would do all that work that the slaves had been doing? So Pharaoh, along with his army, his
horses, and his chariots, went chasing after the Israelites.
Set the Bible down, grab the staff, and step off the stage toward the
STORYTELLER: As Moses led the Israelites away from Egypt, they came to the Red Sea. Now, the
sea wasn’t actually red; that’s just its name. Let’s imagine that you guys are the sea—that’s why
we asked you to dress in blue. So the Israelites had set up camp by the Red Sea when they saw
something in the distance (look back over your shoulder) … it was Pharaoh and his army coming
after them! They were stuck between the sea (point to audience) and the Egyptian army (point
behind you)! They were terribly afraid and thought either Pharaoh would capture them or they
would die.
‘Hold up your staff,’ God told Moses. ‘Stretch your hand over the sea and it will divide into two
parts. Then you can walk on dry ground to the other side.’
SFX: ‘Red Sea’ from The Prince of Egypt soundtrack
Tips: ‘Red Sea’ music is over five minutes long. You will not need entire
soundtrack. You should listen to soundtrack ahead of time to feel timing
of story and music, possibly starting soundtrack in the middle. Take your
time, pacing yourself with the soundtrack, making the most of this
powerful story.
Moses had faith in God, so he obeyed Him. He raised his staff and stretched out his hand.
Hold staff up, over kids’ heads. SGLs will lead kids to stand with them and
part down the middle, creating a path, keeping kids as quiet as possible.
And all night, God drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The
waters were divided. A wall of water—the sea—formed on the left and on the right. The ground
between these two walls of water was completely dry, just like dry land.
So the Israelites cried out to God. Moses told the people to hang on, to keep trusting God, that
He would help them. And God did have a way out, but it was much different from what anyone
expected—impossible, really.
Act out the action as you continue to tell the story, walking up and down
the path, with the sea of kids on either side of you.
STORYTELLER: The Israelites walked between the walls of water, one on their left and one on
their right, to safety on the other side of the Red Sea. Talk about a walk of faith!
The Egyptians saw the Israelites were escaping, so they pursued them across this path that God
had created between the walls of water. But God told Moses what to do. Once again Moses
had faith, trusted God, and obeyed. ‘Stretch your hand out over the sea, Moses,’ God said. ‘And
the waters will flow back.’
Walk to other side of ‘sea’ (toward back of room). Kids and SGLs should
naturally turn to face you. Again, hold staff up, over kids’ heads. SGLs will
lead kids to close up the ‘path’ and sit down facing you.
God had done the impossible. God had used one man, Moses, to rescue a nation! Because
Moses had faith in God, the entire nation of Israel was saved from Pharaoh.
STORYTELLER: “God is powerful. What God did that day—parting an entire sea so there could
be a safe, dry path for the Israelites to escape—was a miracle. God can do things people can’t
do, things that we think are impossible. That’s one of the most important reasons we can trust
Him. We may not see the ocean part and form walls of water, but God helps us all the same. He
may choose to help us in ‘normal,’ everyday ways or in miraculous ways, like He did with Moses
and the Israelites.
You can trust that God can do the impossible because He’s God. Let’s say that together.
CG: Bottom Line Slide
STORYTELLER and KIDS: “You can trust that God can do the impossible because He’s God.”
The Red Sea swept over the Egyptian army. The water flowed back and covered the chariots,
horsemen, and the entire army of Pharaoh that had followed the Israelites into the sea. Not
one of them survived.
SFX: End or fade out ‘Red Sea’ soundtrack
K/1 Children can be dismissed. Continue for 2-5th Communion
Maybe you’ve been praying for someone who hasn’t been nice to you and then you see a
positive change in the way they treat you. Or maybe you’ve been praying for someone who’s
sick and they get better. Or maybe someone in your family—it could even be you—has
experienced something impossible, something that only God could have done, like surviving a
really bad accident.
Next time something like that happens, whether it’s an everyday thing or a miraculous thing,
don’t forget it. Remember all those times when God has taken care of you or someone you care
about. It’s important to get in the habit of remembering all the impossible things God has done.
Then, thank God and praise Him for it. Give Him the credit for how well things turned out.
Remember, you can trust that God can do the impossible because He’s God.
I’m going to write a new faith story. I hope you all brought in your faith stories. We look
forward to reading and using them next month here at Kidville. Remember, if you see (HOST)
be sure to let him know that our God made flying fish, He parted the Red Sea, and can help him
with his fear of flying. Have a great week!