Sports & Entertainment Marketing
School Year:
Mrs. Katie Gomez
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
1 semester
The business and marketing world has evolved into a multi-dimensional work-in-progress for companies around
the globe. Sports and entertainment companies are no exception. From the NBA to Nike to Paramount Pictures
and Geffen Records, organizations pay a premium to remain ahead of the curve in a world of evolving
technologies and shifts in trends within the industry. This course is designed to share those practices with you.
The Sports and Entertainment Marketing course helps students develop a thorough understanding of
fundamental marketing concepts as they relate to the sports and entertainment industries. The course also
supports the business and marketing core that includes communication skills, distribution, marketing-information
management, pricing, product/services management, selling, operations, strategic management and human
resource management. Students will investigate the components of branding, sponsorships and endorsements,
as well as promotion plans needed for sports and entertainment events.
It takes luck to find a career is sports and entertainment, right? Maybe so, but, it has been said that “luck
happens when preparation meets opportunity.” The Sports and Entertainment Marketing course is specifically
designed to provide you with the necessary preparation for when the opportunity comes. The course provides
“real world” experience by simulating the same basic business models used by collegiate athletic departments,
professional sports teams and event management companies while offering extremely valuable educational
 The Business of Sports and Entertainment—access available online or in print
 A vast collection of teacher developed materials
Upon completion of the activities and assignments of this course, the students will be able to:
Gain hands-on sports, event and entertainment business experience in a unique and exciting
learning environment.
Demonstrate entry-level job competencies in the area of marketing and management as
related to personal career goals.
Apply and demonstrate effective reading, writing, speaking, and research skills through
internship experience.
Conduct marketing research and apply to a real-world business scenario.
Develop leadership qualities through class projects and internship activities related to
marketing education on the local, state, and national level.
Develop essential marketing knowledge and skills through class discussion, case studies, team
decision-making problems, and internship projects.
Create a professional-grade resume and cover letter and be able to effectively participate in
the interviewing process.
Meet the National Business Education Standards in the area of Marketing.
1. SUPPLIES—folder, loose-leaf paper, black/blue ink pens or pencils.
2. EMAIL ADDRESS- all students are required to have a school-appropriate email address for use with
communication to and from the teacher and for curricular content-related purposes.
3. HOMEWORK—most work will be completed in class. Should a student not complete work in the given
class time or due to absences, students will have to complete this work on their own time. Failure to
have homework and/or class work completed on time will cause each nine-week grade and the
semester grade to be lowered.
4. READINGS—students will have sole responsibility for textbook content.
5. ASSIGNMENTS—all assignments will be explained and collected by the instructor. The instructor will
decide which assignments are recorded in the grade book. Students are required to keep all returned
work. If a mistake should occur in the assignment grade, you may be required to show the assignment
in question to correct the mistake. If you lose the work, the grade marked in the grade book will stand.
6. OUTSIDE ASSIGNMENTS – students will be required to participate in “leisure” activities outside of
class; further instructions will be given in class and can also be accessed online. The teacher will
provide suggested events that will be posted in class.
Leisure activity involvement will count toward 10% of the grade for each quarter.
7. GROUP INTERNSHIP- all students are required to actively participate on an internship team.
Internship involvement will count toward 25% of the grade for each quarter.
8. PRODUCTION AND WRITTEN WORK—written work will be neat and in complete sentences with
Standard English grammar and spelling. Deadlines for projects must be followed to receive credit.
All production work must be completed in school. Work not completed during class may be completed
during open lab time before and after school, or during connection periods.
9. ATTENDANCE—daily attendance is necessary and expected; the real world does not accept tardiness.
The BHSD #228 Student Handbook’s policy on attendance and tardiness will be utilized and enforced.
It is the students’ responsibility to keep up with assignments and make arrangements to make up
missed assignments. For excused absences, students will have two school days per one school day
absence to submit missed work. In the case of unexcused absences, the same policy will apply;
however, work will only be accepted for half credit, minus any potential errors.
10. QUIZZES AND EXAMS—written and/or production quizzes and test will be given periodically. The
district comprehensive criterion reference (CRT) exam at the end of the semester will count as 20% of
the semester grade. Each nine-week grade will count as 40% of the semester grade.
My goal is to empower students to follow their passion through meaningful work. As Howard Gardner said
himself, "It's not how smart you are that matters, what really counts is how you are smart." In accordance
with my teaching philosophy, I will uphold my belief that children do not care how much you know, until they
know how much you care.
“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”
John Wooden, Former basketball head coach, UCLA Bruins
I strongly encourage a mutual respect between students and teacher and students with students. All students
are expected to respect a culture for learning by participating and monitoring their own behavior. Full
teacher support will always be given to each learner.
PLEASE be mindful of the following:
1. Students are expected to follow directions the first time they are given.
2. Students are expected to follow all computer lab rules, as well as all school rules in the BHSD #228 Student
3. Students are to be inside the room when the bell rings.
4. Students are to bring all required materials to class daily.
5. Students will not touch each other, use profanity, street language with school-inappropriate meaning, or
other abusive language or behavior.
6. Students will participate in class related activities only—this excludes grooming (hair, makeup, nails,
clothing), gaming, casual talking, surfing the internet or completing other outside assignments. Students
will raise their hand and wait to be called on before speaking. During group work, conversations should be
limited to the specific work at hand.
7. Students are not allowed to use cell phones in class; this includes text messaging and placing or taking
phone calls. The internet via classroom computers is provided for classroom work purposes.
1. First offense—Verbal warning.**
2. Second offense— Student/teacher conference, points off participation grade, parent contact.
3. Third offense—Student/teacher conference, points off participation grade, parent contact, counselor
referral, dean referral.
4. Fourth offense—Counselor referral, dean referral, points off participation grade, and parent contact.
5. Fifth offense—Dean referral, counselor referral, and parent conference with support team.
**Severe Disruption—Insubordination or gross misbehavior will result in student being immediately
removed from the classroom and sent to the Dean’s office with a referral.
2. Students will receive individual verbal praise.
3. Parents will receive positive phone calls or postcards.
Class assignments are graded on a basic point system. The scale below drives the student grades.
1. A – 90% - 100%
2. B – 80% - 89%
3. C – 70% - 79%
4. D – 60% - 69%
5. E – 59% and below
Weighting for Semester Class Grade: 40% Quarter 1, 40% Quarter 2, 20% Final Exam
Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy
Sports & Entertainment Marketing
Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy
School Name
Oak Forest/Hillcrest
Period 2
Hillcrest – Room 120
Period 3
Hillcrest – Room 119
Period 4
Travel/OF Business – Room 515
Period 5
Oak Forest – Room 611
Period 6
Oak Forest – Room 610
Period 7
OF Business Office – Room 515
Period 8
Oak Forest – Room 610
After School
Oak Forest – Room 610/ 515
Connection Time
Oak Forest – Room 610
Phone Number
(708) 687-0500, Ext. 3696
[email protected]
District 228
Business Technology Department
Dear Parents/Guardian:
Your son/daughter is currently enrolled in Sports & Entertainment Marketing. A preceding Syllabus is attached
to this letter and covers the following topics:
Program Description
Student Program Objectives and Textbook List
Program Requirements
Instructor’s Schedule, Phone Number and Extension
Classroom Management and Behavior Expectation Plan
The syllabus was written to help your son/daughter grasp his/her educational responsibilities, my commitment to
hone the learner’s marketing spirit, and provide concrete 21st Century business skills. Additionally, computer
operation and software application skills will also be developed. The classroom management plan contains
classroom rules and expectations, consequences for rule infractions and possible positive reinforcements. By
following this plan, I will be able to provide your child with the best possible environment for learning.
Therefore, with your son/daughter’s cooperation in and out of the classroom, my commitment to share the skills I
have acquired in education and computer technology and your positive support, this class will be a successful and
possibly life-changing experience for your child.
Please take time to read and discuss the syllabus and classroom management plan with your child. To acknowledge
receipt of this manual/letter and your support, please sign the bottom section and return. This is a student
assignment for this course; points will be awarded if returned by Friday, August 29, 2014.
Thank you in advance for your time, understanding and support. Let’s make it a great year.
Please do not cut. Detach and return full sheet.
Mrs. Katie Gomez, Instructor
Please send an email to Mrs. Gomez at [email protected] explaining that you have read and discussed the
syllabus and the discipline plan with your child. If you would prefer, you may complete the bottom section and
return it with your child.
Student Printed Name ____________________________________________________
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Student Signature _____________________________________________________
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Parent/Guardian Printed Name __________________________________________
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