Social Studies 11 Course Outline Mr Whitehead

Social Studies 11 - Course Outline
Mr. Whitehead
Girls’ Campus 330
available on request
[email protected]
Counterpoints (make sure to bring this to every class!)
Supplemental readings from Canadian Issues
You are also encouraged to bring your laptop (if you have one) to class! You won’t always use it,
but it will make research easier, and allow you to use the course website more easily!
Social Studies 11 is an interesting but fast-paced course. We will cover a lot of material in one semester,
including national identity, the structure of Canada’s government, Canadian law, 20th century Canadian social
and political history, and world human geography.
Although this course is mandatory for graduation, and provincially examinable, it also prepares students for
grade 12 courses such as History 12, AP Government, AP Economics, and even English 12.
For more info about Social Studies 11, including the instructions on what must be taught to students, please visit
the ministry website: Follow the instructions and search for Social
Studies 11 by name.
Our units of study are as follows:
First Term Focus: Canadian Society and Government
Identity (Canadian Issues)
Canadian Government (Counterpoints chapters 9, 10)
Canadian Law (Counterpoints chapter 11)
French-English Relations (Counterpoints chapter 8 and Canadian Issues)
First Nations (Counterpoints chapter 8 and Canadian Issues)
Multiculturalism and Immigration (Counterpoints chapters 7, 8 and Canadian Issues)
Second Term Focus: Canadian History and Human Geography (Canada and the World)
World War One (Counterpoints chapter 2)
Interwar Years (Counterpoints chapters 3, 4 and Canadian Issues)
World War Two (Counterpoints chapter 5)
Cold War and U.N. (Counterpoints chapter 6)
Environment (Counterpoints chapter 17)
Economy + Globalization (Counterpoints chapter 16)
Population (Counterpoints chapter 13)
Living Standards (Counterpoints chapter 14)
Want to know more?
Then check out the course website (wiki). There you will find information that:
 Gives a more detailed general description of this course
 Tells you how to use the course “wiki”
 Explains what you need to do to get the highest mark you can in this course!
 Explains the expectations I have of you in class
 Key list, extra research topics, readings and links to internet resources that you can use
But Mr. Whitehead, what if I don’t have a laptop?
No problem: You can easily print any and all information found on the website, and organize it your binder.
You can also use the computers in the library to participate in the online portion of this class.