Role of the US

Role of the US
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1. Names of people (mainly the role)
2. St Louis, Evian Conference, Wagner Roger Bill
and Nuremberg Trial
3. Genocide, war crime, crime against humanity
and bystander
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Hitler’s wife Eva Braun (29 April 1945 – 30 April 1945)
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War Crime
Crime Against Humanity
Adolf Hitler
• Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was the founder and leader
of the Nazi Party and the most influential voice in the
organization, implementation and execution of the
Holocaust, the systematic extermination and ethnic
cleansing of six million European Jews and millions of
other non-aryans.
Heinrich Himmler
Reichsfuhrer-SS, head of the Gestapo and the
Waffen-SS, Minister of the Interior from 1943
to 1945 and organizer of the mass murder of
Jews in the Third Reich, Heinrich Himmler was
born in Munich on 7 October 1900.
Reinhard Heydrich
Heydrich hosted a conference at which he stressed
the necessity of keeping the Jews in "as few
concentration centers as possible," as a prerequisite
for the "ultimate aim." (4) He also mandated the
creation of a Council of Jewish Elders to ensure that
all orders given to the Jews were executed. If they
were not, the Council members were to be
threatened with "the severest measures."
Joseph Goebbels
Master propagandist of the Nazi regime and
dictator of its cultural life for twelve years,
Joseph Goebbels was born into a strict
Catholic, working-class family from Rheydt, in
the Rhineland, on 29 October 1897. He was
educated at a Roman Catholic school and
went on to study history and literature at the
University of Heidelberg
Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart
Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart joined the NSDAP (Nazi
Party) in 1922. He was heavily involved in the
early Nazi approach towards Jews, co-writing
the anti-Jewish "Nuremberg Laws" imposed by
the Nazi-controlled Reichstag in 1935.
Adolf Eichmann
• SS Lieutenant-Colonel who was Chief of the
Jewish Office of the Gestapo during World
War II and implemented the 'Final Solution'
which aimed at the total extermination of
European Jewry.
Josef Mengele
• Much debate is focused on Josef Mengele, the
infamous doctor of Auschwitz, commonly
referred to as the "Angel of Death". His most
famous role was played out as the selector on
the platform at Auschwitz whose whims sent
one either to the gas chambers or to the
Guilty or Not Guilty?
Josef Mengele
Guilty or Not Guilty?
The Allied Powers
United States
May 1945 Germany
1944 start evacuating
the camps
2. Acting as the
United States,
would you enter
WWII prior to
Wansee Conference
Pearl Harbor to
January 1942
save 3.5 million
September 1939
Germany invades
Invades Russia June
1. Acting as Russia, would you
enter WWII prior to 1941 to
save the lives of 3 million
1. Acting as Russia, would you
enter WWII prior to 1941 to
save the lives of 3 million
A. 450, 000 of your own troops
B. 18 Billion dollars
C. Victory not guaranteed
2. Acting as the United States,
would you enter WWII prior
to Pearl Harbor to save 3.5
million undesirables?
A. 150, 000 of your own
B. 24 billion dollars
C. Victory not guaranteed
Would you Intervene Prior to WWII?
The Tragedy of the S.S. St. Louis
(May 13 - June 20, 1939)
After Kristallnacht in November 1938, many Jews
within Germany decided that it was time to leave.
Though many German Jews had emigrated in the
preceding years, the Jews who remained had a more
difficult time leaving the country because emigration
policies had been toughened. By 1939, not only were
visas needed to be able to enter another country but
money was also needed to leave Germany. Since many
countries, especially the United States, had
immigration quotas, visas were near impossible to
acquire within the short time spans in which they were
needed. For many, the visas were acquired after it was
too late.
Having crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice, the
passengers' original hopes of freedom in Cuba
and the U.S. turned into a forlorn effort to
escape sure death upon their return to
Germany. Feeling alone and rejected by the
world, the passengers returned to Europe in
June 1939. With World War II just months
away, many of these passengers were sent East
with the occupation of the countries to which
they had been sent.
Dates for Possible Rescue
1938 Evian Conference: Meeting of 32 nations to
determine refuge possibilities for 150,000 German
1939 St. Louis
1939 and 1940 Wagner Rogers Bill 1939 an effort to
admit 20,000 endangered Jewish refugee children, was
not supported by the Senate.
1940 3 million dead
1942 Wansee Conference
June 1944 Normandy Invasion
July 1944 Red Liberation (Death Marches begin)
May 1945 Germany Surrenders
Two Sources
What was known?
How did the writer
know German
actions were
Suggested action?
What obstacles
What should we
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Nazi Medicine Dr. Trial
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Witness to Genocide
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