Elliott's Class Activities Feb. 25, 2014 Students, you have TWO class

Elliott’s Class Activities Feb. 25, 2014
Students, you have TWO class objectives for today. First, turn in your answers for Chapter
One of The Great Gatsby as we previously discussed. Then you may proceed to the Unit 8
Vocabulary Practice. Please turn in all of your work in order to receive credit.
Part I: Turn in the correct answers to questions 1-7 from Chapter 1 Study Guide questions on
page 67 and two of the character profiles from page 19 of the study packet. Please record your
answers on a separate sheet of paper. Refer to the class copies of The Great Gatsby as needed.
Part II: Using the orange, Sadlier books, complete the following Unit 8 vocabulary practice on
your own paper and turn in for a quiz grade. Share books with a partner as needed.
Unit 8 Vocabulary Practice Level F
Define each word.
Record one synonym and one antonym (if applicable.)
Write an original sentence for each word.
Each question is worth 5 points each.
1. Acrimonious
2. Bovine
3. Consternation
4. Corpulent
5. Disavow
6. Dispassionate
7. Dissension
8. Dissipate
9. Expurgate
10. Gauntlet
11. Hypothetical
12. Ignoble
13. Impugn
14. Intemperate
15. Odium
16. Perfidy
17. Relegate
18. Squeamish
19. Subservient
20. Susceptible