A-level Physics at High Storrs

Universities like to see Physics on applications for a wide range of degree courses.
Human Biology
Design Technology
Environmental science
Changes since Sept 2013
• Course content unchanged.
• There is a mock exam in January but
no external January exams.
• Students do not have the sharp focus
of an external exam.
• Next year is the last of this syllabus.
Work load and help
• Usually 2 teachers; 1 for 3 hours and 1 for 2 hours per week
• We expect you to do approximately 2-3 hours of work per week
out of school.
• This includes self study as well as doing homeworks.
• If you are finding the subject difficult then you need to do
considerably more.
• Internal assessment after every topic
• Class sites on the MLE with web links, power points and past
• Lots of practical work.
• We loan or sell you a text book
• We sell revision guides at a discount price
• We are available for 1:1 assistance when needed
• We will contact parents if we have concerns
• Dedicated Physics homework/revision clinic on Thursdays after
Facilitating subjects, which are the subjects most commonly
required for entry to degree courses at leading universities. They’re
not essential for all courses, but picking at least two of these will
help students keep their options open
• Maths and further maths
• Physics
• Biology
• Chemistry
• History
• Geography
• Modern and classical languages
• English Literature
63% of students got an A*-B Grade
83% of students got an A*-C Grade
97% of students got an A*-E Grade
82% of students achieved ALPS target
35% of students exceeded ALPS target
65% of students got an A*-B Grade
85% of students got an A*-C Grade
95% of students got an A*-E Grade