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Kaitlyn Dunbar
Mrs. Mercincavage
Final Project
The ideas behind my design came from my brother. He owns his own businessDunbar’s Do It All, which is a handyman business that takes care of everything from
inside to outside of the house. He asked me when I graduated college if I would make
him a website for his business so he can get more potential clients. I thought that by
doing this project based off of his business it would not only give him an idea of what I
can do, but also give me good practice before making his real live website for his
The wood background I choose because I wanted it to be a manly website
visually. Also it gives a more welcoming vibe as to make the potential browser want to
navigate through the site to see what this business has to offer. When I think of handy
man services I think of neutral colors- tan, browns, off whites, even black to keep it as
simple, yet creative as possible. I also made this site very user friendly by making the
navigation easy to access and get through each page.
I got a lot of my design ideas by researching through other sites on Google. All
the sites I found were simplistic and easy to navigate through, with minimal colors. I
choose to keep it simple and hopefully my brother likes where I am going with my design
ideas for his site when I create it for him in the very near future.