Ser v estar sentence strips

Ser vs. Estar/Ordinal Number sentence strips
1. The rug is green.
2. Maria is in the eighth classroom.
3. Jose and Marcos are from Bolivia.
4. We are in the kitchen.
5. The book is under the table.
6. The teachers are tired.
7. Miguel is a student.
8. I am angry.
9. My friends are tall and organized.
10. The boys are in the gymnasium.
11. It is six thirty in the evening.
12. My mother is in the car.
13. Anita is excited.
14. You all are from Boston.
15. My house is near the mall.
16. The dog is on the tenth street.
17. I am happy because my friend is nice. (TWO VERBS!)
18. Edmond is in Oklahoma.
19. The books are interesting.
20. It is one o’clock in the morning.
21. How are you (familiar)? I am fine. (translate both)
22. I am behind the restaurant.
23. My first brother is short and my second brother is tall.
24. My book is not in my backpack.
25. Armchairs are on the third floor.
26. Are you (familiar) nervous?
27. Are you (formal) happy?
28. Where are you from?