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Case Studies: Brazil, Russia, India, China
1. Review the timelines provided on the Commanding Heights website and record generalizations about how
the nation maintained or changed its policies in each of the following three areas. Choose one other area on
the website to investigate.
Fourth Area:
2. Examine the graphs provided for your assigned country on the Commanding Heights website and
record what they reveal about how the country’s policies have affected the people.
3. View the most recent video for your assigned country from the list provided on the Commanding
Heights website (India 2002, Russia 2002, or China’s Free Trade Zones after 1990. No video for
Brazil). Record any new information about how your country has been affected by globalization.
4. In your group, prepare responses to the following questions as part of a whole class discussion.
What do you think was the most significant political change or event in your assigned country
that contributed to its rise as a global leader?
Do you think your assigned country has earned the status of being a global leader? Why or Why
What challenges will your assigned country have to overcome to continue as a global leader?
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Lesson Sequence 2: Economic Globalization