Let’s look inside an egg


Selection and Storage

 Nutritional Value

 1. Contain essential amino acids as well as


 Iron, phosphorus, vitamins A, B and D

2. Egg yolks are high in …


Egg Grades

 The four qualities that determine the egg grade are

 - shell condition

 - size of air cell

 - clearness and thickness of egg white

 - condition of yolk

 candling- an egg grading process where eggs are illuminated to see the structure


See Mrs. Anderson…

Emulsifiers a mixture that forms when you combine liquids that ordinarily don’t mix ( oil and water)

Emulsifying Agent the ingredient that holds other ingredients together

Foams the five factors that affect egg foams and how they affect them

 - Temperature- room temp. will create more volume

 Fat - does not allow the egg foam to form

 Acid- makes egg foam more stable

 Sugar- increases the stability

 Beating time

See Mrs. Anderson

 When working with egg foams- what part of the egg do you need to stay away from?

 If your eggs are cold, what should you expect?

Stages of Egg foams

 stages of egg foams a. foamy - bubbles and foam form around the edge

 b. soft peakc. Stiff peak


Coagulation- thickening of protein

 Binding and Interfering agents

 Function- hold food products together

 Structure

 F. Nutrition Flavor and color

Using Raw eggs can cause … salmonella

Egg substitutes these products are …made of real eggs without the yolk

Food Science principles

 Coagulation-

 What three things affect the coagulation?

 Temp, time and addition of other ingredients

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How to make a meringue…

 Beat eggs until soft peak stage

 Add sugar slowly

 Continue beating until stiff peak stage

How to make custard


Meringue/custard pies… things to avoid

Weeping- moisture that forms between the meringue and custard

 meringue

- caused by not properly sealing the

 Beading - golden droplets that form on the surface of the meringue

 Synerisi s- leakage of water from the custard if it is over cooked

Over cooked- custard is shiny and has large swiss cheese like holes

 Synerisis

Undercooked- custard will run all over the plate, it will not form a triangle

 Properly cooked – will form a triangle when cut

Meringue will stay on the pie

No weeping beading or synerisis