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Imagination is more
important than
For while knowledge
defines all we currently
know and understand,
imagination points to all
we might yet discover
and create.
-Albert Einstein
Enrichment Services Program
Central School
Grades 3, 4, & 5
2011 - 2012
What is the purpose of G & T ?
Formal answer:
The purpose of Gifted and
Talented education is to
expand upon learning
experiences within the
regular classroom.
What is the purpose of G & T ?
Correct answer:
G & T is about exercising the
imagination and being open to
the possibility that something
we envision can come into being.
It is about rigor. It teaches that
through creativity and diligence
we can have amazing
Emily Thompson-Schweer
High School: Villa Walsh Academy, 1988
Music Education: Mannes College of Music, 1977 1988
BA with High Honors: Smith College, 1992
Teacher Certification: Caldwell College, 1999
National Endowment of the Humanities Grant
Columbia University, 1994
University of Massachusetts, 1997
MA in Creative Writing and Literature:
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Teaching: Secondary Literature and Language Arts
1992 - 2004; Elementary G & T 2004 - present
Adjunct Work: The New School University,1999 - 2009
• All of us have strengths; all of us
have weaknesses.
• All of us have areas in which we
thrive; all of us have areas where we
struggle to keep up.
All of us have talents.
All of us have needs.
“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you
will land among the stars.”
-Les Brown
The goal of E.S.P.
is to find the gifts
and strengths of
our students and
help them to go
beyond the safe
place… and soar.
The Program
provides several programs
for Central School. These include…
• whole class and interest based
• Pull out programs assist students who
demonstrate advanced proficiency in
Math, Language Arts, Performing
Arts, and other areas.
Inc.- 3rd Grade In Class Units
The In Class Units
• an intense area of study
• focus on reading skills
• Each third grade class
meets for Inc.
Grade In Class Units
Third Grade: Analogous Amphibians
and Other Constant Characters
Found in Fairy Tales. In this unit,
• study fairy tales from different countries
• identify recurring motifs
• Identify archetypal characters.
Grade In Class Units
Close Reading - In this program students analyze
sentence structure
word choice
context clues
deepen their understanding of a given
Grades 3,4,5
There are several PEP classes
offered at Central School. PEPs
are conducted at different times
throughout the school year.
Students are identified and then
invited to participate in this
program. Criteria for selection is
based upon subject proficiency,
teacher recommendations and
available standardized data.
Math PEP is a place to take
those math skills students
have mastered and meet the
next challenge. Students
solve complex word problems
and also create some of their
own. Students create Math
Quests for their final project.
Math PEP 4 is Central’s
Accelerated Math Program. As a
part of this program, I will work
with Mrs. Mrs. Murphy’s and Ms.
Abend’s classes on the Math
Maven Mysteries program by
This is not a pull-out but rather a
push-in class.
PEP 3 & 4
Math PEP 3:
Thinker Math by Creative Publications
Math Maven Mysteries from Scholastic
The Cup of Wishes designed by ESP
Math PEP 4:
Math Maven Mysteries from Scholastic
PEP 3, 4, & 5
Language PEP is for students
who demonstrate excellence
in analysis and reading
comprehension. Students use
logic and interpretive skills to
deconstruct language.
Each grade is given a
semester-long creative project.
PEP 3, 4, & 5
Language PEP 3:
Elliot Finds a Clue by Jim Sukach
Third Grade Detective / Superhero Unit by ESP
Language PEP 4:
Crime Scene Whodunits by Jim Sukach
Advertising Unit by Challenge Publications and ESP
Novel: To be determined by students
Language PEP 5:
Novel Writing Unit by ESP
Author, Author!
Grades 3, 4, & 5
Author, Author is for students
who love to write.
Students generate their own
articles and creative pieces
for different genres,
culminating in the production
of a literary magazine.
Author, Author!
Grades 3, 4, & 5
Assignments cover multiple genres of
memoir, fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry,
drama, and short story.
In addition to writing, students analyze
famous examples of specific genres.
In the Footprints of the Cougar
A Literary Magazine featuring the
writing and art work from the
students of Art PEP &
Author, Author PEP!
2011 Edition
Edited by
Haley Huamani Mrs. Schweer
Mr. Maag,
Mrs. Chen
Debate Team is for students who
demonstrate verbal skills, confidence, and
research ability. Members of this PEP
group research and debate topics related
to Social Studies and current events.
Working in two teams, students will
prepare for and participate in a practice
and public debate.
Students research each topic and find
sources to support their arguments. I
encourage parents to assist their children
with internet searches. All research is
documented and cited in their arguments.
Previous topics have included school
uniforms, voting age, and co-ed sports.
Scientists 4 & 5
Mad Scientists is for students who show
heightened interest in the sciences and
demonstrate preparedness for activities
beyond the scope of the classroom.
Within this group, sub-groups focus upon
specific interests of the students.
Students are identified after the first
Scientists 4 & 5
Resources include:
200 Gooey, Slippery, Slimy, Weird & Fun Experiments
by Janice Van Cleave
101 Great Science Experiments by Neil Ardley
Showy Science by Hy Kim
ESP designed labs
And many, MANY MORE!
The Main Idea
This PEP Group Makes the News!
There are three editions for the school year.
Publications are divided by class number.
Important features:
Team articles
Fifth grade editors
Winter Edition
The Main Idea
Central School’s Official Newspaper
The Main Idea is brought to you by E.S.P.
Enrichment Services Program
2010 November Issue
This edition is brought to you by classes
3-1, 3-2, 4-1, 4-2, 5-2, and E.S.P. officers
Editorial Staff
Paolo Arante, Chrissy Cosenzo,
Nicole Dominguez, Bobby Ellis,
Haley Huamani, Katie Iovel, Matt Murray,
Casey Reinknecht, Lauren Rudolph,
Devin Sambogna, Matt Wettengel, Mr. Maag,
Mrs. Schweer, and Mrs. Swan
WOW – stands for
“What ‘O Wish!”
By Matthew Wettengel
Special News!
Matthew’s article
appeared in the
June 29, 2011
edition of
Art PEP students work all year on contributions to In
the Footprints of the Cougar, our school literary
magazine, and The Main Idea, Central School’s
newspaper. This includes many hours of work on their
own time creating cartoons and other illustrations for the
periodicals as well as taking photos of school events and
“Cougar Sightings.”
Last year’s 5th grade ART PEP worked on a banner
for Central School’s “Show of Smarts for a Smart Board”
event held last January. Many Art PEP students
contributed their time and artistic skills to the design and
painting of the sets for last year’s SALAD plays, Katrina,
the Shrew and Lights, Camera, Whoops!
Cougar Sightings
Set Painting/Design
Set Painting/
1) How do I know that my child can
handle the workload of the PEP
Your child has been recommended by his /
her previous and current teachers and
identified as a child who is capable of
handling a workload that exceeds that of
his/her classmates.
PEP provides a challenge for students who
are currently excelling in the specified subject
2) How does the work in the PEP
classes differ from classroom
In PEP I try to expand upon a specific subject
rather than work ahead. It’s not about moving
up. It’s about widening the base.
Example: In Math, we take current concepts they
should have mastered. Now, embed those
mathematical concepts in complicated word
problems. It’s not just computation. It’s
translation and then computation.
3) Are there other workshops for
gifted and talented students?
There are no programs that I specifically
endorse. However, there are opportunities
for Saturday and summer programs. I
frequently receive fliers for such programs.
Please send an email to let me know if you
are interested in these.
4) Is there a grade given for these
I do not give grades. Nothing from PEP is listed
on their report cards. Instead, you will receive a
narrative evaluation twice during an academic
I do mark their efforts and place grades on many
of these assignments. However, they are for the
purpose of showing a student the level of his / her
success on a given assignment. They are not
5) How often do PEP groups meet?
Classes usually meets once every six days.
Classes are regularly scheduled for a
specific day (Day 1, Day 2, etc.). Some
classes meet more than once per
6) How do I find out what my child
has for homework?
Like all classroom teachers, I post my homework
online: easthanoverschools.org. Click on:
-Central School
-Staff Pages
-Special Area Staff
-Mrs. Schweer
I update my postings with assignments and
important general announcements for the
Other E.S.P. Services
Student Acting League of
Arts and Drama
SALAD: Student Acting League of Arts and
In 2006: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
In 2007: A Midsummer’s Nightmare and The Tempest
In 2008: Taming of the Shrew and The Shadow
In 2009: The War of the Words, My Friend Irma,
The Shadow and Broadway’s Best
In 2010: The Pirates of Penzance and Winner Takes All!
In 2011: Lights, Camera, Whoops! and Katrina, the Shrew
In 2012: To a Muse and War of the Words
Special News!
An article on this year’s
SALAD appeared in
the July 13, 2011
edition of
Special News!
In June 2011, S.A.L.A.D. (the Student Actors'
League of Arts and Drama) was selected by the
Character Education Partnership to serve as a model for
others to replicate and integrate into their character
education initiatives.
S.A.L.A.D. is listed in the 2011 National Schools of
Character book and featured on CEP’s website, which is
used by educators to search for ideas.
What can you do?
• Share areas of expertise.
• Help organize and reproduce materials.
• Proofread The Main Idea or Footprints
of the Cougar.
• Volunteer time for S.A.L.A.D. and the
Enrichment Fair at the end of the school
Any Questions?
Please contact me at
if you wish to know more!
Also, please frequent
to see updates/homework for
all E.S.P. classes.
Enrichment Services Program
Thank you for taking the time to
meet with me this evening.
-Emily Thompson-Schweer