Oregon CIS-PEP - McNary High School

Oregon Career Information System (CIS) & Personal Education Plan (PEP)
11th Grade
You are about to begin creating your Personal Education Plan (PEP), through a program called CIS. As you navigate through the website, we hope you take advantage
of all the opportunities that will help you discover, form, and refine your goals for after high school. CIS will help you match up your skills and interests to valid degrees
and careers that correspond to your goals. By your junior and senior year, you can be searching for colleges or jobs that offer exactly what you are looking for.
We hope you maximize this benefit throughout your high school career. You will have 1 opportunity during your junior year to continue your work on this in your
Social Studies class. Each year as you complete the appropriate grade level activities, you will be building your PEP. The PEP is a graduation requirement and
ultimately your responsibility to complete. You may also access the site from home, or in the Student Connections Center at McNary.
To Log In:
Step 1:
Log in at www.oregoncis.uoregon.edu
Step 2:
In the left margin, click on “Sign in CIS for internet”
Step 3:
Username is: lastname_firstnameXX@mnhs
Example: (XX is student grad year, i.e. smith_john13@mnhs)
Password is: Your Student ID #Sk
Example: (123456Sk)
Select the box that says Junior
Step 1
My Personal Information
Click Update & Edit/Check Information
Click Save & Close Window
Step 4
Step 2
My Self
Click Work Importance locator complete and save your results.
Follow instructions and Return Home, Click Junior, and Click the
ASVAB enter your scores into My Education and Work History.
Follow Instructions, Return Home, Click on Junior
My Research & Goals
Click on Career Cluster Checklist and Follow Instructions
Click on My after High School Goals
Insert Today’s Date
Write a minimum of three sentences about your personal career
goals. Save & Close Window
Click on Preparation requirements for my goals. Write a minimum
of three sentences about what you need to do to prepare for your
Save & Close
Step 5
Step 3
Go back to Home Screen
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
My Education Plans
Click on Level of Education, update if necessary
Click on Inter Scores into Resume Creator and Follow Instructions
Save & Close. Click on My Education Plans .Insert Today’s Date. Write
minimum of three sentences about your plans. Save & close window.
My High School Classes
Click on My Course Planner and Update Classes. Save & Close. Review
your Transcript and Credits. Complete all activities. Save & Close
My Activities & Achievements
Click and Update as opportunities arise
My Standards Met
Click on each Standard. Document which Standard you have met and
your test score. Save & Close
Click on My CRLEs Plan. Complete Entry for each Activity. Save & Close
Step 9
Click on Review My PEP. Make sure it is complete. Click and Complete My
Support Network. Click & Save