ISU ~ WWII Journal

• You are a:
• Foot soldier
• Child
• Holocaust victim
• Nurse
• Enemy
See Mr. O’Reilly if you
want to take the viewpoint
of someone else.
• Research the following topics and write a journal with a
minimum of 20 entries.
All work must be documented.
• Remember, a minimum amount of work will not
earn top marks.
Some of the following topics may be included.
These are just examples
Basic Training
Letters from
Major Battles
Concentration Camps
Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Schindler’s List
Battle of Britain
Battle of the Atlantic
Liberation of Netherlands
Battle for Italy
Hong Kong
Rhineland Campaign
The Secret War
Stages of the Holocaust
Elements of Genocide
Atomic Bombs
Death of Mussolini
Hitler’s Suicide
V-E Day
April 27, 1941
I remember stopping on the walkway leading up to ship. I looked up at the massive hull and
saw nothing but steel and rivets. My gaze continued skyward until I could see not one but
scores of faces staring back towards the dock. All of these soldiers just like me waving at their
families and friends. Looking at loved ones, perhaps for the last time. She seemed like such a
massive ship, it was hard to imagine her being threatened by stealthy German U-boats lurking
just beneath the service of the water. (Canadian) I put my mind off such disturbing thoughts
and instead turned my attention to finding my bunk, a place to stow my gear and a couple of
pals to have a drink with.
After I tossed my gear I found Tom and Dave and we huddled up below deck for a sip of Triple
Crown. We sat right under a life ring with SS NERISSA boldly printed across it. Tom said our
sea ride was a 5,583 ton passenger vessel conscripted from the Warren Line. That made no
matter to me so long as she was sea worthy and free of leaks. (Duncan)
You are required to document all your research!
Example: After reading on the site, Eyewitness to History,
I found some great accounts of air battles. I cut and
pasted one little segment below. I then re-wrote my own
entry based on what I read therefore I need to give credit
to the original author and site plus the photo. Citations will
be with the work. A bibliography will come at the end.
• The German fighters chased us for about forty-five minutes. They came
so close that I could see the pilots' faces, and I fired so fast that my gun
jammed. I went back to the left nose gun and fired that gun till it
jammed. By that time we'd fallen behind the rest of the group, but the
Germans were beginning to slack off. It was turning into a question of
whether we could sneak home without having to bailout. The plane was
pretty well shot up and the whole oxygen system had been cut to
March 24, 1943
Today was the most exhilarating yet terrifying experience of my life. During our flight over
Dresden a squadron of German Messerschmitts descended on us from out of nowhere. The
sky was buzzing with activity as there superior air power cut us to ribbons for almost an hour.
The came so close that I could see Fritz’ eyes from my gun turret. I kept firing till my gun
jammed. I then jumped to the tail gun and let them have the full force of both barrels until I ran
out of ammo. I felt so helpless as they continued to shoot up our plane. When all seemed
hopeless they turned and flew off like the cowards they are as a squadron of our own Spitfires
came to our rescue. Thank goodness the Tommy’s came to aide as I doubt our battered craft
could have sustain another round of Nazi bullets.
One of our planes that didn’t make it. RIP boys
Example of a WWII Poem
This assignment combines your
Alone and far removed from earthly
creativity and knowledge of events and
circumstances. Accuracy is important.
The noble ruins of men lie buried here. For example, you wouldn’t make a
You were strong men, good men
reference to computers, video games
Endowed with youth and much the will or TV as they did not exist in 1918.
to live.
Vocabulary and references to specific
I hear no protest from the mute lips of events, people, conditions etc. is very
the dead.
important. Each entry should have a
They rest; there is no more to give.
minimum of one reference and one
So long, my comrades,
Sleep ye where you fell upon the field.
But tread softly please
March o'er my heart with ease
March on and on,
But to God alone we kneeled.