Elements of Design: Line

Notes on the safe driving design
Image is powerful, memorable, realistic
Effective for a serious issue
Too disturbing, negative, overwhelming
Assumes people are stupid, makes me angry
Terrible if children saw it, hard to know who would see it
Give it to those getting speeding tickets
Because the image is printed, one would have more time staring at it vs. TV
Choosing images for some messages can be very difficult and carries responsibility.
Elements of Design: Line, shape, texture, color and space
The diagonal line suggests
tension, depth or movement.
The periphery of what we see
with the eye is very sensitive to
movement, so anything that
references movement calls for
complete attention from the
viewer. That is why traffic signs
designed to warn of hazards
are diamond shaped, using
A curved line has dynamic,
energetic movement. Its visual
character is more naturalistic or
The straight line is more static
in character. The eye travels
directly from one point to the
next as determined by length of
the line.
The horizontal line of the
landscape is restful and
Painted stripes to enhance
what we perceive to be the
height and width of the
building. Vertical lines are
upright and active.
Multiple lines add rhythm, pattern and texture.
The way a line appears is its character. A line can be bold, crisp, wavy, delicate… and made of many different
types of materials. These qualities contribute to the function, theme or expressive qualities in a design. A
textured line may be the result of a process, technique or special material used in the design.
inherent and
Shapes and forms
Illusionary Space
Spatial cues are the means by
which artists and designers
indicate position of forms in
illusionary space when working
with a flat, 2 dimensional
They are also used in actual
space, to enhance or alter the
spatial characteristics.
Another spatial cue: atmospheric perspective - what
is distant is less distinct - this references what we
experience in our natural environment
Color can strongly affect the way a space
feels . More intense colors may be perceived
as coming forward in space. A room may
appear smaller if decorated in warm colors.
Color can create a mood, add information,
direct the eye, be symbolic and decorative.
CAFE CALIFORNIA, Proposed remodel concept for Broadway Department
Store restaurant in Glendale Galleria, Glendale, California. Dining area at
brass-trimmed self-serve salad bar. An ``open- air garden effect" is achieved
by trompe l'oeil architectural mural at back wall and hanging plants around
the ceiling's perimeter.
Color & material board showing iron garden chairs, oxidized metal pendant
lights, chair & booth back fabrics, white-washed woods and suggested
interior mural design.
Entrance with new awning,
waiting furniture, Oriental rug and
silk trees in brass planters.
What media images did you notice on Monday in regard to this tragedy?
One image I noted was a crowd of people holding candles at night.
Write down a note about any imagery you noted, to hand in today.